Legal stuff can be a wide road for all of us. Getting a traffic violation and earning ourselves a ticket is already considered a legal matter. In unfortunate cases such as robbery, arson, or anything between those lines, they are also regarded as lawful concepts to a certain degree.

With all that said, everything mentioned above is all legal stuff. However, how can we tell the right moment when we need a service from a lawyer? Let’s answer that one, and let’s find out together.

There are two categories we should keep in mind when we are hiring a lawyer. The legal situation that we are in could either fall into Civil Law or Criminal Law.

In simple terms, civil law are legal issues outside of the scope of any criminal activities such as divorces, child custody battles, contract disputes, and agreements fall under this category. On the other hand, criminal law defines any legal matter that has something to do with going beyond and breaking any laws set by our local, state, or federal governments. On both occasions, we might need the service of a lawyer, but we’ll break it down further.


Divorce- Divorce is a mutual thing between a married couple bound by the law, and in unfortunate scenarios, these couples reached an agreement to end that bind, and that’s where divorce kicks in. Some divorce proceedings finish up smoothly while others have a roller-coaster plot in them.

If we saw ourselves in the latter example, it is recommended that we see our local divorce lawyer to represent us and help smoothen things out. We have to remember that there would be an agreement at the end of a divorce proceeding, and changing that agreement can only be done in legal terms as well. To save us some time, effort, and money, it is best to get a lawyer and iron things out during the process and not at the end of the line.

Workplace Issues- the working environment is usually under the protection of the particular state and/or federal laws. So, if we stumble ourselves in any unlawful situations or if we are experiencing any form of discrimination in our workplace, it is best to get a hold of a lawyer since they are more well-versed in terms of the law and jurisdiction that encompasses our situation.

Lawsuits- we need a reliable and trusted lawyer on our side whenever we are facing any kind of lawsuits. We have to remember that lawsuits may bring us the loss of something if we weren’t able to defend ourselves properly in front of the court. Also, doing this would increase the likelihood of our case to be successful in the court of law.

DUI- Driving under the influence or DUI might be a common sight in our current society, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t need any intervention from a lawyer in case we came to see ourselves caught up in this situation. In some states, the first and up to the second offense can be considered a misdemeanor, and we could get along fine without hiring any legal help. However, we can minimize the possible effect on our record if we grab services from a lawyer right away.

Wills and Trust- If we have many estates that could cause any possible disagreement between our loved ones, especially in cases where inheritance is concerned, wills and testaments might be the way to go for a peaceful and seamless process.

With that said, our wills and testament should have legal powers behind it, and that’s where a lawyer’s helping hand would come handy.

There are other cases where we could get additional legal services, but these are the things that we often overlook. Only one thing is sure, lawyers are there to help us in any legal situations, and it is just finding the right place, time, and situations we could get the most out of them.

Based on Materials from Lifehack