These Retired Actresses Have Aged Like Fine Wine

Most women are afraid of growing old as they believe that losing their youth also means losing their beauty. These actresses have proven that age is just a number and beauty is everlasting.
Despite everything they went through, these women were able to overcome the struggles of staying beautiful as years passed by. Many of them barely considered cosmetic surgery and claim that investments in beauty regimens along with healthy diets were enough to keep them looking good.


Christy Nicole Turlington Burns (born January 2, 1969) is an American model, charity-founder and campaigner, and filmmaker. She was named included on the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. Grace Coddington is the long-time creative director of American Vogue magazine, who thinks Turlington “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Christy Turlington has a few lines around her face, but we don’t know if she’s worried about them because she still looks astounding.

Many people have asked the actress for the secret behind her beauty and, most especially, how she still looks young for her old age. One skincare practice she gives credits to is the usage of oils on the face every night. She believes that even those with oily skin can still apply a thin layer of nourishing oil on their faces before sleeping so that their faces get that much-needed nutrient boost. It’s probably worth the investment!


Mary Elizabeth “Sissy” Spacek ( born December 25, 1949) is an American actress and singer. She has owned many awards, including an Academy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, two Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and nominations for four BAFTA Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Grammy Award. She has got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, either. She is a successful actress. Sissy Spacek’s career deserves credit for lasting quite long.

She went from music to acting, and she took home an Oscar for playing Lynn Loretta in the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter. Over the years, the actress managed to keep her life private thanks to a home security system. Her controversy-free lifestyle and happy marriage make her a great role model. Spacek relies on sunblock for her facial glow, and she enjoys her vegetarian diet and long walks with her husband and dog. You can also find her on the TV shows Castle Rock and Bloodline.


Julia Fiona Roberts (born October 28, 1967) is an American actress and producer. After starring in the romantic comedy “Pretty Woman” (1990), she established her leading position in Hollywood, which grossed $464 million worldwide. She has won three Golden Globes from eight nominations, four Academy Awards nominations for her film performance, and an Academy Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in Erin Brockovich (2000). Julia Roberts has always received credits for her beauty. she claims her looks have to do with genetics.

The actress believes the secret to having great skin lies in the food we eat, which is why she endorses adding specific foods like sourdough toast, coconut oil, avocado eggs, wild salmon paired with brown rice, grilled chicken, and blueberries. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to the aforementioned foods above since they’re meant to give you an overview of the nutrients that should be incorporated into your meals. It can be expensive maintaining this diet, but not that pricey you would need to get a huge loan.


Nicole Mary Kidman( born June 20, 1967) is an Australian actress, singer, and producer. She has won an Academy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and five Golden Globe Awards. In 2006, 2018, and 2019, she was named one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. Time magazine twice listed her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. In 2020, the New York Times ranked her fifth on the list of the greatest actors of the 21st century.

Back in 2016 when Nicole Kidman appeared on The Graham Norton Show, news of the Big Little Lies star going under the knife only to look younger went viral on Twitter. Many dermatologists believed that her face treatment included the use of fillers on both her forehead and her chin, but these are mere assumptions. Kidman’s admitted to using Botox, adding that she dislikes the product because of the resulting limited facial mobility. She gives credit to exercise, meditations, less sunlight exposure, and vitamin intake as contributing factors to her youthfulness.


Alicia Christian “Jodie” Foster (born November 19, 1962) is an American actress, director, and producer. She has won two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and the Cecil B. DeMille Award. She has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award as a director, either. Jodie Foster is one of the smartest and most gifted actresses of her generation. The star began her career in modeling at the age of three, but she later got her big break on Taxi Driver.

She successfully became an adult without landing in rehab or some other tall tale. Foster attended Yale where she got her degree. Her career continued to peak with credits from Panic Room and Silence of the Lambs, but she’s still humble. Although she never revealed some beauty routine, we are certain that her strong and stable marriage has contributed to her overall happiness and health.


Gwyneth Kate Paltrow was born on September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles, California, to a family of showbiz. She is the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and film producer and director Bruce Paltrow. Her first film appearance was in the film Gao (1989) directed by her father. She spent several summers in Massachusetts watching her mother perform at the Williamstown Festival. Her work has received many praises, including Oscars, Golden Globes and Primetime Emmys.

She is also an American actress and lifestyle innovator, known for her film portrayal of intelligent and complex characters. In 2008, she founded the lifestyle brand Goop. After becoming a mother, Paltrow greatly reduced her film workload. She occasionally appeared in movies, such as Proof (2005), which brought her nomination for Best Actress for the Golden Globes. In 2009, Paltrow was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for the children’s audiobook Brown Bear and Friends.


Rachel McAdams (born November 17, 1978) is a Canadian actress. She was born in London, Ontario, Canada. She grew up in St. Thomas in a Protestant family. She has two younger siblings. The younger sister, Kayleen McAdams (born in 1982), a celebrity makeup artist, and the younger brother, Daniel Dan McAdams, a personal trainer. McAdams is of Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh descent. The fifth great-grandfather of her mother, James Gray, was a Loyalist Ranger during the American Revolution and fled to Canada after the Battle of Saratoga.

After graduating from York University’s Bachelor of Drama program in 2001, she worked in Canadian television and film production. In 2002, she made her first Hollywood movie appearance in the comedy “The Hot Chicken”. In 2015, she starred in the second season of the HBO anthology crime drama “True Detective” and played the reporter Sasha Pfeiffer in the episode Spotlight. For the latter, she was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.


Phylicia Rashad, an American actress who first became famous in the TV series “The Cosby Show” and later became the first African American woman to win the Tony Award for Best Actress; she was honored for her performance in the drama A Raisin in the sun. Vivian Ayers, who is Rashad’s mother, is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated artist, poet, playwright, scholar, and publisher. And her father was an orthodontist. Rashad’s siblings are jazz-musician; sister Debbie Allen, an actress, choreographer, and director.

As Rashad grew up, her family moved to Mexico, so she speaks Spanish fluently. She studied at Howard University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1970. There, she began to participate in the Alpha branch of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Fellowship. In her acting career, her brilliant performance in the series brought her two Emmy nominations. She also played the role of a teacher in the TV series David Makes Man and then showed up in Perry’s crime drama A Fall from Grace.


Elizabeth Alice MacGraw (born April 1, 1939) is an American actress. Starting in 1960, MacGraw worked for Harper’s “Bazaar” magazine for 6 years as a photography assistant for Diana Vreeland. She worked as a fashion model and photographer stylist for Vogue magazine. She got the job of an interior designer, either. Ali MacGraw is best known for her portrayal as Brenda Patinkin in the movie Goodbye, Columbus in 1969. This role brought her into the limelight and helped her earn a Golden Globe Award.

She was loved by many, because of her great acting skills and for her personality as well. In 1970 when she was at the peak of her career, she starred in the romance/drama Love Story. She gained international fame. The actress received an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award for the role. She is now in retirement and spends her well-earned investment money on traveling—among other personal luxuries she enjoys.


Marjorie Armstrong Post (born November 4, 1950) is an American actress. She was born in Palo Alto, California, the daughter of scientist Richard F. Post and poet Marylee Post. Three siblings grew up in Stanford and Walnut Creek. Markie post became a cheerleader which she was in Las Lomas High School. Before returning to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis & Clark, she studied at Louis & Clark College in Oregon and briefly at Pomona College in California.

Markie Post’s career peaked during the ’80s and ’90s after she made several appearances in shows like Heart Afire, Night Court, and The Fall Guy. Her latest array of acting credits includes the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet and the movie A Wedding and Four Christmases. For a woman her age, Post seems to hardly have any need for makeup since she managed to maintain an effortlessly poreless skin all these years. We believe that she managed to achieve this thanks to her genes and probably some investments in skincare products.


Vanna Marie Rosich was born on February 18, 1957, near North Myrtle Beach in Horry County, South Carolina. She is the daughter of Joan Marie Nicholas and Miguel Angel Rosich. When White was an infant, her parents divorced. She grew up with her mother and stepfather, Herbert White Jr. Hence, White took her stepfather’s name and lived in North Myrtle Beach. Vanna White’s vibrant smile is her way of telling the world that age is just a number.

We can still remember her TV debut on the TV game show The Price is Right where she landed on the top fourth spot. Her acting portfolio includes a special variety of performances on both films and TV shows like the film Graduation Day. White continues receiving credits performing as a hostess on the TV game program Wheel of Fortune and has reportedly signed on to stay with the show until 2020.


Jane Seymour, OBE (15 February 1951), is a British-American actress. Jane Seymour was born in Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg is an Anglo-American actress. She can speak Dutch which is learned from her mother. Her parents sent her to live with family friends and encouraged her to learn fluent French. She is famous for her acting in the James Bond film Live and Let Die (1973), etc.

She turned 67 years old in February, but she still looks about ten years younger which is one of the reasons why she continues to get all her many credits even to this day. Are you curious to know how this actress was able to do it? Well, she claims that the secrets to her timeless beauty lie in a ton of exercises and a moderate diet. Seymour also advises that people try to have their skin exfoliated or go for scrub days and alternating peels.


Michelle Phillips (born Holly Michelle Gilliam; June 4, 1944) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and former model. She became famous in the mid-1960s for being a vocalist in the musical quartet the Mamas and the Papas. Time magazine said her voice as “the purest soprano in pop music”. She is also successful as an actress. Michelle Phillips has been in the entertainment industry for some time now.

She is allegedly the last member standing from the folk group The Mamas & The Papas that released five studio albums before their 1970 breakup. The singer-songwriter got into so many disagreements with her bandmates that probably needed to be handled by an attorney. She eventually transitioned into acting and had a prolific career in the field, famously starring in the soap opera Knots Landing. Her anti-aging cream seems to work really well since it has kept her looking so young for so long.


Amy Jo Johnson (born October 6, 1970) is an American-Canadian actress, filmmaker, singer, songwriter, and director. she has two siblings In the family, a brother and a sister. She is famous for playing the roles of Kimberly Hart on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Julie Emrick on Felicity, and Jules Callaghan on Flashpoint. Amy Jo Johnson became a household name for joining the original cast of the superhero kids’ show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The charming actress was in the middle of taping for the drama series Felicity when she left to mourn for her mother who had passed away a little earlier due to cancer. Johnson may not be as active as before during her heyday, but she’s still a well-regarded singer and songwriter. She probably has enough investment money to retire, and we hope it is enough for her to live comfortably.


Amanda Bearse (born August 9, 1958) is an American actress, director, and comedian. Bales took acting lessons from Sanford Mesner at New York City’s Neighborhood Playhouse. The acting of Amanda Cousins on the soap opera All My Children from 1982 to 1983 brought Amanda Bearse’s initial success. Amy Jo Johnson became a household name for joining the original cast of the superhero kids’ show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The charming actress was in the middle of taping for the drama series Felicity when she left to mourn for her mother who had passed away a little earlier due to cancer. Johnson may not be as active as before during her heyday, but she’s still a well-regarded singer and songwriter. She probably has enough investment money to retire, and we hope it is enough for her to live comfortably.


Pauley Perrette was born on March 27, 1969, she is an American former actress, writer, singer, and civil rights, advocate. Perrette studied at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia, where she learned criminal justice, then moved to New York. She attended John Jay Criminal Justice College and worked as a chef on a Manhattan dinner cruise boat. Since 2003, Pauley Perrette portrayed Abby Sciuto on the crime show NCIS where she received many credits and became one of the show’s fan favorites.

Despite her popularity, not a lot of fans realize that the actress had much humbler beginnings. Before she began her foray into the entertainment industry, she worked a few small jobs in New York City. Perrette made her TV debut on the ABC anthology series ABC Afterschool Specials, and even if she is nearly half a century old, she is still a beauty.


Jeri Lynn Ryan (born February 22, 1968) is an American actress. Jeri Ryan has a perfect smile and has received credits for her role as Borg Seven of Nine in the movie Star Trek: Voyager which got her nominated four times for a Saturn Award, eventually winning one in 2001. In 1989, Ryan was selected as Miss Illinois. She participated in the 1990 Miss America beauty pageant, came in third in the preliminary swimsuit competition.

With her talent, she sang “On My Own” from Les Misérables. The actress is now five decades old, but she’s not slowing down. She continues to work as an actress today and has even appeared in some TV shows. She probably has an anti-aging cream that been working wonders for her skin. We’re hoping to see her appearance in future films. With her successful career, she probably maintained a good, if not, impressive credit report.


Sandra Annette Bullock ( born July 26, 1964) is an American actress and producer. She was consistently ranked the world’s highest-paid actress in 2010 and 2014. In 2015, she was selected as “Man’s Most Beautiful Woman”, and in 2010, she was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. She has won many honors, including an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award. Sandra Bullock had a unique facial aging skin treatment with Oceans 8’s Cate Blanchett who’s told everyone about it in Vogue Australia.

The $650-procedure is called the Hollywood Epidermal Growth Factor Facial (HEGFF) which contains the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) enzyme extracted from the foreskin of newborn babies and has a two-year waitlist according to E! Online but otherwise promises collagen regeneration and skin elasticity. We wonder if it’s a worthy investment. Bullock must probably also have an entire skincare regimen besides her fitness routine.


Danica Patrick ( born March 25, 1982) is a former American professional racing driver. She is the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. Her victory in the 2008 Indy Japan 300 was the only victory for a woman in the IndyCar Series race. She was born in a working-class family in Beloit, Wisconsin. She began to participate in karting at the age of ten and won three national championships in the World Karting Association Granad National Championship in the mid-1990s.

In 1998, with the permission of her parents, she dropped out of high school and moved to the UK to continue her career. Patrick participated in the Formula Vauxhall and Formula Ford, but due to lack of funds, she returned to the United States in 2001. In 2002, she participated in five Barber Dodge Pro series races for Rahal Letterman Racing. Patrick later participated in the Toyota Atlantic Series for the next two years. She did her best to rank third in the 2004 season championship, where she became the first woman in the series to win the pole position.


Lea Katherine Thompson (born May 31, 1961) is an American actress, director, and television producer. She has studied ballet since she was a child and started dancing professionally at the age of 14, and won scholarships to the American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet. Lea Thompson seemed a bit too old for her age back in her 20s especially when she put on makeup.

However, she’s close to her 60s now, she definitely appears a bit too young for her current age. The actress is famous for her portrayal of Marty McFly’s mother Lorraine Baines in the Back to the Future film trilogy. Her career was quite successful throughout the 1980s and the 1990s, but it only continued to peak even higher when she joined the cast of the drama series Switched at Birth. Thompson never officially had Botox, even with her wealth.


Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren (formerly Woods; born 1 January 1980) is the Swedish-born ex-wife of Tiger Woods, who is a professional golfer. She has worked as a model and nanny. The job of nanny needed her to move full-time to the U.S. Then she was introduced to Tiger Woods. Nordegren was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her mother, Barbro Holmberg is a politician, former Swedish Minister of Immigration and Asylum Policy, and former Governor of Gifburg County.

Her father, Thomas Nordegren, was a broadcast journalist who had served as Director of the Information Bureau in Washington, DC. She has an older brother Axel and a twin sister Josefin. Nordgren and her sister work surprising summer jobs in the supermarket to fund their studies. She started modeling in 2000 and appeared on the cover of “Cafe Sport” magazine in the summer of 2000. In May 2014, Nordegren graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, with a degree in psychology and received an outstanding senior award.


Sally Field was born on November 6, 1946 in Pasadena, California. She is an American actress and director. She has won numerous awards, including two Academy Awards, three Primetime Emmys, two Golden Globes, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Tony Nomination and two British Academy Awards for Film. She wowed audiences everywhere with her performances in the classic 90s films Forrest Gump and Mrs. Doubtfire, yet she hardly looks her real age of 71 years old!

The actress reportedly credits her great skin to her use of natural products like coconut oil on her face instead of a factory-made night-cream. She alleges that anyone’s skin can be just as amazing as hers if they can manage to stay away from unsafe and unverified cosmetic products. If everyone in the world followed Field’s advice, many billion-dollar corporations might end in bankruptcy!


Barbi Benton (born January 28, 1950) is an American retired model, actress, songwriter, and singer. She was famous for being on the cover of “Playboy”. Benton has been a regular guest for four seasons in the comedy series Hee Haw and recorded several successful albums in the 1970s. Barbi Benton began modeling at only 16 years old. When the model began attending classes at UCLA for her degree, she supported her studies with her side hustle at the TV show Playboy After Dark.

As she continued to work with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner over the years, he started to fall for her which helped promote her to the position of a co-host. Benton has also gained fame for regularly appearing on the comedy series Hee Haw which has also proven to be another career investment that granted her a great credit score. She retired shortly after birthing two children.


Waris Dirie is a Somali model, writer, actress, and human rights activist who fights female genital mutilation. She was born as one of twelve children into a nomadic family in 1965 in the area of Galkayo. Her first name is Waris, which means desert flower. At the age of 5, she suffered circumcision in the form of infibulation. Her uncle was the Somali ambassador to the United Kingdom and looked for a maid. She had no choice but to London.

She worked at the Somail embassy with no salary. After the outbreak of civil war in Somalia, her uncle left London which gave Dirie the chance to flee the embassy and be free. She worked as a cleaner in a local McDonald’s and learned English. From 1997 to 2003, she was the special ambassador of the United Nations against female genital mutilation. In 2002, she established her organization, the Desert Flower Foundation, in Vienna.


Debbe Dunning (born July 11, 1966) is an American actress, model, executive producer, presenter, spokesperson, and comedian. Dunning was born and raised in Burbank, California, and graduated from John Burroughs High, where her parents graduated 20 years ago. The early experience in her life contains being in the cheerleading team, becoming the homecoming queen, and winning the title of Miss Burbank in 1984. Dunning played the role of the ABC sitcom “Home Improvement”, Heidi Keppert, which had a guest appearance in an earlier season.

She starred in “Dangerous Curves” (1988) and American Gladiators Celebrity Challenge (1989). From 1997 to 2018, Dunning married American volleyball player Steve Timmons and had three children: daughter Spencer Schae (born in 1996) and son Stoney (born in 2000) and Sysco (born in 2008). Since the 90s, Debbe has not been in the spotlight. She is now back on TV, hosting a new reality show called Debbe Dunning’s review of Debbe Ranch. The show has been on since 2017.


Kate Jackson (born October 29, 1948) is an American actress and TV producer, known for acting as Sabrina Duncan in the TV series “Charlie’s Angels” (1976-79). Her film roles include “Making Love” (1982) and “LoverBoy” (1989). She is a three-time Emmy nominee and four-time Golden Globe nominee. Jackson started her career in summer stocks in the late 1960s, and then made her debut in “Dark Shadows” (1970–71) and “The Rookies” (1972–76). She also appeared in the movie “Night of Dark Shadows” (1971).

Her great success as Sabrina Duncan in “Charlie Angels” made her appearance in “Time” with co-stars Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith, The cover of the magazine. Then, she went on to star in many TV movies, including “Quiet Killer” (1992), “Empty Cradle” (1993), and “Satan’s School for girls ” (2000). In 1987, Kate Jackson was confronted with breast cancer, which was such a tough period. As a cancer survivor, she continues to appear on small screens entering the new millennium.


Giada De Laurentiis (born August 22, 1970) is an Italian-American chef, writer, and television personality. After graduating from Marymount High School in Los Angeles, She attended the University of California in Los Angeles and received a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology in 1996. Giada De Laurentiis is the host of Food Network’s Giada at home. She also frequently serves as a writer and guest co-host for NBC’s Today show. De Laurentiis is the founder of the catering business GDL Foods. She won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lifestyle Host and the Gracie Award.

After graduating from Marymount High School in Los Angeles, She attended the University of California in Los Angeles and received a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology in 1996. Giada De Laurentiis is the host of Food Network’s Giada at home. She also frequently serves as a writer and guest co-host for NBC’s Today show. De Laurentiis is the founder of the catering business GDL Foods. She won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lifestyle Host and the Gracie Award for Best Tv Host.


Rebecca De Mornay ( August 29, 1959) is an American actress and producer. She was born in Santa Rosa, California. After her parents divorced, she lived with her mother and took her stepfather’s name, De Mornay. She played the call girl role who seduces a high school student played by Tom Cruise in Risky Business. She has gradually been known by the public. She may be a familiar face to fans of the popular Netflix show Marvel’s Jessica Jones where she portrayed Trish Walker’s abusive mother Dorothy.

The actress landed her big break on the 1983 coming-of-age film Risky Business where her portrayal of the blonde prostitute Lana scored her roles in movies like Runaway Train, Backdraft, and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. She is one of Hollywood’s senior actresses who have not yet certified any sign of a cosmetic procedure, so she probably just makes investments in proper skincare practices.


Laura San Giacomo (born November 14, 1962) is an American actress. San Giacomo noticed acting when she was in Morris Knolls High School. She got a fine arts degree in acting from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh. She won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female due to play Cynthia in the film Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Laura San Giacomo portrayed Kit De Luca in the film Pretty Woman and Maya Gallo in the sitcom Just Shoot Me!

If you’re no fan of ’90s movies and TV, you may instead find the actress playing Dr. Beauty Confalone on the police series NCIS. Now 55 years old, she doesn’t seem to be retiring soon as she’s still active both on film and TV. With proper money management and a financial advisor, San Giacomo is surely far from bankruptcy. She continues appearing on NCIS and Animal Kingdom while working for the film Honey Boy set to premiere in 2019.


Kristy McNichol (born September 11, 1962) is a retired American actress, comedian, producer, and singer. McNichol lived with her family in Los Angeles since she was born. She is half-Irish which is inherited from her father’s side. And her mother has Lebanese descent. She is famous for her roles as the angel in the movie “Little Darling”, Polly in the movie “Only When I Laugh” and the TV sitcom “Empty Nest” Barbara Weston. She won two Emmy Awards for her role as teenage daughter Leticia “Buddy” Lawrence in the TV series “Family”.

However, her acting career isn’t always smooth. McNichol got a nomination for the Golden Raspberry for worst actress, due to her acting in the “Pirate Movie”(1982). She felt depressed and even couldn’t sleep while she stayed in France. McNichol stopped acting for one year. She needed time to recover. Kristy McNichol retired in 2001. She proudly said in her retirement statement,” it was time to play my biggest part – myself!”


Halle Maria Berry (August 14, 1966) is an American actress. In the beginning, Halle Berry was a model. She took part in several beauty contests and won second place in the Miss USA pageant. Berry also got good grades in the Miss World in 1986. Halle Berry may be in her 50s, but her makeup isn’t the only thing that makes her look gorgeous; she gives credits to other things. too.

The Monster’s Ball star knew how to stop the clock, recommending that people get enough good sleep, drink water, stay away from the sun, and protect their skin during prolonged exposure using sufficient sunscreen. One key piece of advice from her is that you should always try to give your skin an ample amount of breathing time by using lighter makeup products. This means it’s probably better to swipe our credit cards for skincare products than makeup.


Liya Kebede is an Ethiopian-born model, maternal health advocate, costume designer and actress. She has appeared on the cover of “Vogue” three times. Kebede has been the World Health Organization’s maternal, newborn and child health ambassador since 2005. Kebede was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is the only daughter in the family and has four brothers. When she was attending Lycée Guebre-Mariam’s school, a film director discovered her.

She learned fluent French in that school and be introduced to a French model agent. After completing her studies, she moved to France and worked through the Paris institution. Kebede then moved to the United States, initially to Chicago and then to New York City. Kebede established a clothing line in 2007, which is called Lemlem. Lemlem means “blossom” in Amharic. And its characters is hand-woven, machine-woven and embroidered for women’s and children’s clothing.


Deborah Anne Mazar Corcos (born August 13, 1964) is an American actress. She is familiar to people by playing the role of sharp-tongued women. Debi Mazar is famous for her particular portrayals of cynical women in films like Goodfellas and Singles as well as in TV shows like Civil Wars and L.A. Law. Mazar used to work various odd jobs. she sold jewelry at Fiorucci with Linda Ramone and Joey Arias and worked as a dental assistant.

The actress has long dealt with insomnia since she was much younger, so she had to take sleeping pills because of her work’s demanding nature, only taking a break from them when she got knocked up. Mazar asserted that physical fitness is her own personal cure to her many sleepless nights. We’re glad she has never found herself in bankruptcy probably thanks to her own wise money management techniques.


Angela Michelle Harmon (born August 10, 1972) is an American actress and model. Harmon won a Seventeen modeling contest in 1987 when she was a child model. After she won a Spectrum Model Search contest, Harmon started her successful modeling career and has been famous since the early 1990s. Angie Harmon has made herself out to be more athletic than voluptuous. The model made her TV debut on the drama series Baywatch Nights.

In recent times, people have caught a couple of changes in her physical appearance; she seems to have lost a lot of weight and hardly seems to have had enough rest probably because she has been a little too stressed lately; we hope it doesn’t have anything to do with loans or work problems. If her apparently drastic weight loss is of no trouble to her, then she should be fine.


Tonya Harding is known because of her ice-skating rival Nancy Kerrigan. Harding stated that her mother often abused her. And the physical and psychological abuse has been regular in her daily life. Her mother also recognized that she hit Harding before. Harding’s friend, Sandra Luckow, said that Harding’s mother funded Harding’s skating lesson. Despite her abused Harding, she can be considered as “humane”. In 1991, the former professional ice skater won her maiden national skating titles and became the first American woman to execute a triple axel during the competition.

Her promising career sadly died down in 1994 because of the attack on Kerrigan. Even at 47 years old, she still looks gorgeous with her beautiful blonde hair and the occasional wrinkle around the eyes. We’re not sure how Harding supported herself since 1994, but maybe a few long-term investments or some sort of insurance plan has taken care of her needs.


Morgan Fairchild (February 3, 1950) is an American actress. Cathryn Hartt, who is Fairchild’s little sister, is also an actress. Morgan Fairchild peaked in the ‘70s and the ‘80s during which she worked incessantly. In the entirety of her career, the actress scored only one Golden Globe nomination and 152 acting credits courtesy of IMDb. With such a long career, we’re surprised to see her this successful while still free of wrinkles and harm.

Besides, Fairchild has played an important role in the Screen Actors Guild, now SAG-AFTRA. Fairchild is 68 years old now and still looks gorgeous, but she hasn’t appeared in the news recently; she must probably be living the high life thanks to some investment money. One thing we can say about her is that she continues maintaining her cosmetic brand Fabulous.


Nicollette Sheridan (born 21 November 1963) is a British-born American actress, writer, and producer. She was away from Britain to live in the United States in 1973. At that time, she was just 10 years old. Nicollette Sheridan began modeling after claiming her college degree, getting her big break on the short-lived soap opera Paper Dolls. The English actress’ appearance on the show as the problematic teen model Taryn Blake launched her career into a lucrative profession that easily supported her and provided for her needs until today.

Sheridan got a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the 2005 Golden Globes. During the fifth season of Desperate Housewives, she stated that she would leave Desperate Housewives. Unlike other main characters who left the episode in the way of being killed, Sheridan didn’t appear in the final episode. She has never made headlines for any risk of bankruptcy, and she has always managed to keep her physical posture upright even now that she is much older. We are all just dying to know if Sheridan has some secret anti-aging routine that she practices regularly on the dot.


Sofia Vergara (born July 10, 1972) is a Colombian American actress, television producer, comedian, host, and model. The photographer spotted Vergara while walking on Columbia Beach and quickly provided her with a quote for modeling and TV works. She was the highest-paid actress on American TV in 2012, 2013, and 2016 and the second highest-paid TV actress in the world in 2019. Vergara became famous when she co-hosted two TV shows for the Spanish television network Univisión in the late 1990s.

Her first acting in English was the movie Chasing Papi (2003). She subsequently starred in “Four Brothers” (2005). In 2009, she started playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the ABC comedy series “Modern Family”, for which she won five Golden Globe Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards. Nominate. As of 2020, Vergara serves as a judge for the American Got Talent.


Gabrielle Monique Union-Wade was born on October 29, 1972, she is an American actress, voice artist, activist, and author. She started her career in the 1990s, appeared in TV sitcoms, and later gained support in the teenage comedy films “She Is All That” and “Ten Things I Hate About You” (1999). Her breakthrough role was in the 2000 film Bring It On. Union used to be troubled by the self-esteem issue related to her appearance since she was a little girl.

She thought that blonde was the ideal of beauty and she was the opposite of beauty. Union gets a bachelor’s degree in sociology from UCLA. Gabrielle Union is also the author of the memoir “We Will Need More Wine” (2017) and an activist dedicated to women’s health and violence against women. She also wrote a children’s book called “Welcome to the Party”, which will go on sale in May 2020.


On June 1, 1973, Heidi Klum was born in Bergisch Gladbach, a suburb of Cologne in western Germany. She is a German-American model, TV presenter, producer, and businesswoman. Klum was persuaded to join in a national modeling contest by a friend. She beat out 25,000 contestants to become the champion. She appeared on the cover of the 1998 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was the first German model to become Victoria’s Secret Angel. In 2008, she became an American citizen while maintaining her German citizenship.

In May 2011, Forbes magazine estimated her total income that year was 20 million US dollars. She is ranked second in Forbes’ list of “World’s Best Income Role Models”. Klum is an artist, either. Several of her paintings have appeared in various art magazines. On the website of Stardoll, Klum has a series of virtual jewelry and clothing series. It is called Jordache. Users on the website, can interview and sent messages to interact with her.


Barbara Bach(born on August 28, 1946) is an American actress and model. Barbara Bach is another Bond girl who was capable of surpassing the effects of time and all other odds when it comes to a Hollywood marriage. After graduated from high school, She started her modeling career professionally and made appearances in catalogs and magazines. Her acting career began in Italy.

Therefore, She speaks fluent Italian and has a working knowledge of French and Spanish. The actress made an appearance in The Spy Who Loved Me. Since 1981, she’s been the happy wife of former Beatles member Ringo Starr. Her looks have not been aided with Botox injections and cosmetic surgery. Instead, the credits for her beauty go to her peaceful married life and healthy vegetarian lifestyle, which both served as the secrets to her timeless and youthful beauty. We’re sure that her healthy lifestyle is worth any investment.


Cindy Crawford was born on February 20, 1966, in Dekalb, Illinois. She is an American model and actress. Her years of successful modeling have made her an international celebrity, with roles and endorsements in television and film. In the 1980s and 1990s, Crawford appeared on the covers of many magazines, including Vogue, W, People, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Allure.

She is one of the most popular supermodels, appearing on magazine covers, catwalks, and fashion ads everywhere. Crawford began her acting career in 1987 with the opening salvo in the Michael J. Fox film “The Secret of My Success. Crawford wore a red Versace dress at the 63rd Academy Awards in 1991, which became popular and had a major impact on fashion. Many copies and fakes of the dress had been poured into the market. Crawford produced a fitness video called Cindy Crawford: “Shaping Your Body” in 1992.


Brigitte Nielsen (born Gitte Nielsen; 15 July 1963) is a Danish actress, model, singer. When she was a teenager, Brigitte Nielsen earned her bulk of investment money through her modeling work which included collaborations with photographers Helmut Newton and Greg Gorman. Back in the mid-’80s, the former teen model began her career in acting and scored roles in films like Rocky IV and Red Sonja.

In 2007, she put herself through an alcohol rehab facility since she was struggling with alcohol addiction, later appearing on the reality rehab show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Bardot seems quite open to the idea of going under the knife, so she might make an investment in cosmetic procedures. Brigitte Nielsen gave birth at age 54, which made headlines in society. She said that she felt like it is a miracle with gratitude and happiness.


Olivia Newton-John is a musician who portrayed the good-girl-gone-bad role in Grease, but in reality, she has never done anything as terrible. Although her daughter’s struggles with alcohol and drug abuse forced her to temporarily stay in a luxury rehab center out of her own free will, the actress never had to face this same struggle with substance abuse personally. Her shockingly breathtaking looks and unique set of pipes turned her into a record-breaking recording artist.

With her stash of investment money, she chose to place investments into breast cancer awareness which was an illness that she fought and conquered. Newton-John has long been committed to environmental and animal rights issues. She has always advocated health awareness and participated in various charities, health products, and fundraising activities. Newton- John’s iconic Grease costume was auctioned for an impressive $405,700 on Julian Auctions.


Drew Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975, in Culver City, California. She is an American actress, producer, director, writer, talk show host, and entrepreneur. Barrymore was born in an acting family. She put up with troubled youth and kept forth on acting for a decade. Barrymore shot the first commercial in her life at 11 months and performed her debut film “Doctor Transformation” in 1980. She became famous for her role in “Aliens” in 1982 and became a popular Hollywood child star, so she took on many comedy roles.

She starred in ‘Cat’s Eye,’ a 1985 horror film written by King. The film received critical reviews and Barrymore got a nomination for Best Young Actress as a Young Artist. She has received numerous honors, including nominations for the Golden Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award. She is a member of the Barrymore actor family and the granddaughter of John Barrymore.


Diane Kruger (born July 15, 1976) is a German actress and former fashion model. When she was young, her mother supported her to improve her English. Kruger dreamed to be a ballerina. After auditioned for the Royal Ballet School in London, her knee injury made her ballet career short. Kruger gains interest in acting and had lessons at the Cours Florent. Then Kruger moved to Paris to be a model and learn French.

She played a role named Helen in the epic war movie “Troy” (2004) and played Dr. Abigail Chase in the robbery film “National Treasure” (2004) and its sequel, Bridget von Hammersmark in Quentin Tarantino’s war film “Inglourious Basterds” (2009)and Gina played in the psychological thriller ” Unknown” (2011). In 2017, she made her German debut in Fatih Akin’s “In the Fade” and won the Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Award and Satellite TV Best Actress Award.


Sharon Vonne Stone (born March 10, 1958) is an American actress, producer, and former fashion model. After Stone moved to Europe, she lived in Milan, then Paris. During this time, she determined to pursue acting. She started her acting career by participating in Woody Allen’s comedy-drama Stardust Memories. She won a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award in her acting career. Stone nominated for many awards, either.

Sharon Stone appears to be younger than her actual age states, and you might even think that she has kept to a meticulously high-maintenance routine, but you would only be surprised to find out that she is fond of cutting her own hair. According to an interview with the New York Times, Stone admitted that moisturizers are worth the investment for skincare. She added that she has also stayed away from alcohol, caffeine, sodas, and gluten and that she makes sure to always exercise to maintain her good physique.


Rene Marie Russo (born February 17, 1954)is an American actress, producer, and model. Initially, Russo’s profession is a model. When she entered her 30s, the demand for models began to weaken. She did some more advertising and then gave up modeling for a while. She studied acting and started to appear in small theaters in Los Angeles and other parts of California. Rene Russo got her big break in the Lethal Weapon film franchise.

The actress has long struggled with bipolar disorder which urged her to go for mental health treatment. Fortunately, she and her husband have been together for nearly five decades. Russo continues to act to this day, recently appearing in the Thor film franchise and in the movie Nightcrawler which got her many credits. Even if the model hasn’t gotten a laser treatment or Botox injections, she still looks younger than her real age. We wonder if she made investments in skincare products.


Jennifer Ann Agutter(born 20 December 1952) is a British actress. Her acting career started when she was a child. Some young actors end up with too much money and time and then later struggle with drug or alcohol addiction; some even end up landing themselves in bankruptcy. Jenny Agutter spared herself from such troubles, even though she began acting when she was a child. She never let herself roll around in pride, choosing instead to focus on the things important to her: good health, friends, and family.

This focus helped her life and career. Agutter’s now 65 years old, but she still looks amazing. Either her optimism or the healthy British countryside is working, and we give credits to them both. She supports a variety of charities, mainly related to the cystic fibrosis suffered by her niece. she was appointed an officer of the Order of the British Empire, providing charitable services.


Naomi Ellen Watts (born 28 September 1968) is a British actress and film producer. When she was 18 years old, she determined to be a model. She was sent to Japan. However, she returned to Sydney after failed several auditions. Watts was hired to do some advertising works which brought her change to be noticed by Follow Me magazine. She became an assistant fashion editor. Naomi Watts is known for her works in remakes and independent works on dark or tragic themes and portrays characters who have suffered loss or pain.

Magazines such as People and Maxim listed her as the most beautiful woman in the world. She has served as an ambassador for the joint United Nations HIV/AIDS Program and Pantene’s “Beautiful Length”. Despite the widespread media attention, Watts remained silent about her life. From 2005 to 2016, she had a romantic relationship with American actor Liev Schreiber and then they have two sons.


Andie MacDowell (born April 21, 1958) is a charmingly successful model and film star. Except MacDowell worked privately with the famous coach Harold Guskin, she learned acting methods at the Actors Studio. She made her debut in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, in 1984, and was cast in the dependent film Sex, Lies, and Videotape by director Steven Soderbergh after 4 years, for which she won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress, Nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress-Movie Series.

She was also nominated for Golden Globe Awards for her performances in “Green Card” (1990) and “Four Weddings and Funerals” (1994). MacDowell has been the spokesperson of L’Oréal since 1986 and celebrated its 30th anniversary with the company in 2016. When the media asks about the method to keep beauty, She says staying active is the key to looking and feeling young.


Dame Helen Mirren began acting at the age of 18, and she hasn’t stopped working since then. When she was 18 years old, she was successfully accepted by the National Youth Theatre through audition. 2 years later, she played Cleopatra in the NYT production of Antony and Cleopatra at the Old Vic. Mirren said that this role “started my career”. If you start that early in your career, it’s best to employ some kind of investment planning for your future.

Despite her battle against drug addiction which she struggled with in her 20s, she never did require a visit to a rehab center to live drug-free. When it comes to her radiant looks, Dame Mirren claims that she doesn’t follow a beauty routine, giving due credit to an eyelash growth serum. We can only wonder if that serum’s all we need to look like her, then we’ll go try it out ourselves.


Barbara Jill Walters (born September 25, 1929) is an American retired broadcast journalist, author. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, journalist Barbara Walters developed her trademark interview style through long-term roles on NBC’s Today show and ABC’s 20/20. In 1996, Walters ranked 34th in the TV Guide “50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time” list. In 1997, Walters premiered the popular talk show “The View”. In 2000, she won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

After retiring as a full-time host and news writer, Walters still occasionally reports for ABC News. Walters received many honors. For example, In 2008, she won the Disney Legend Award for those who have made outstanding contributions to the Walt Disney Company, which owns the ABC network. In the same year, she got the Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York Women’s Agenda.


Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975, in Los Angeles, California. She is now 45 years old and continues to be praised as a Hollywood sex icon. After getting a divorce lawyer to separate from Brad Pitt, she is once again single and still has a lot of men around the world swooning over her. A lot of people have referred to her as the most beautiful woman in the entire world, and we can’t argue with that.

In terms of aging, she can avoid the early signs of aging in the near future if she could take the right mix of supplements and vitamins. Julie is recognized as one of the most influential and powerful people in the American entertainment industry for her identity as a celebrity. Her personal life attracts the public’s attention, including relationships, marriage, and health status. Many media also cite her as the most beautiful woman in the world.


Angela Evelyn Bassett (born August 16, 1958) is an American actress, director, producer. Angela Bassett appeared in Black Panther as Wakanda’s Queen Mother. She performed the role so well and received credits for her looks. Many actresses her age typically struggle with aging skin, but this actress doesn’t seem to share this struggle, working with Dr. Barbara Sturm to release a skincare line catering to dark-skinned women.

She has done well on this collaboration by contributing to the eventual product launch, and the impact alone has made her feel beautiful both inside and outside. Bassett is known for portraying real-life African American women, who are usually smart and strong women. Bassett expressed that she liked those roles and rejected roles that she believed to demean her image. She began serving as an honorary member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority on July 13, 2013.


Catherine Lisa Bell (born 14 August 1968) is a British-born, Iranian-American actress, producer. At 2 years old, Bell’s parents divorced. Then she grew up with her mother and maternal grandparents. Catherine was born in London, but she moved to California with her Iranian mother when she was two years old. Her mother is still her personal assistant. She took part in various TV advertisements.

Later she went to UCLA to study biology / Pre-Medicine, but she dropped out of school to work as a model in Japan. She moved back to shoot a Mexican ad for American Express and then became Isabella Rossellini in “Death Becomes Her” (1992), and met her future husband, Adam Beeson, director Robert zemikis’s assistant at that time. In 2018, they lived near Los Angeles with their daughter Gemma Beason and son Ronan Beason.


Elisabeth Shue (October 6, 1963 -), whose full name is Elisabeth Judson Shue, is an American actress. Shue entered Wellesley College from high school initially. Then, she transferred to Harvard University in 1985, dropped out from there, and pursued an acting career, one semester short of earning her degree. More than ten years later, she came back to Harvard and received a Bachelor of Arts degree, Political Science Major in 2000.

Shue started her acting career in TV advertising and became a familiar face in Burger King’s advertising by people. In the 1995 work “The Underneath”, she played a helpless prostitute living in Las Vegas, winning her the Independent Spirit Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award and the National Society of Film Critics Best Actress award, as well as Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, British Film Academy Awards and Oscar nominations for Best Actress.


Loni Anderson was born on August 5, 1945, in St. Paul, Minnesota, and grew up in the suburbs of Roseville, Minnesota. She is an American actress. Loni Anderson became interested in acting. Then, She took the route of many aspiring actors-learning from local commercials and drama performances. In the early 1970s, She has played roles in works with black hair, such as “Born Yesterday” (as Billie Dawn), “Send Me No Flowers”, “Can-Can” and “The Star-Spangled Girl”.

The most famous character known by audiences which Loni Anderson played is Jennifer Marlow in the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. The film won her three Golden Globes and two Emmy nominations. The popular star later became a soap-style installation in the mini-film. All eyes are on this valuable needlework, which restores the luster of the platinum luster of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Mami Van Doren.


April Michelle Bowlby (born July 30, 1980) is an American actress and model. She was born in Vallejo, California. She moved to Manteca, California in childhood and attended Eastern Union High School. She studied ballet, French, and marine biology at Moorpark College, and started a modeling career before deciding to engage in acting. She studied drama with Ivana Chubbuck. Within months of the first audition, Bobby secured the role of Condy in the TV series “Two and a Half Men”.

She is also known for her role as Stacy Barrett in “Drop Dead Diva”. She played Barney Stinson’s obsessive ex-girlfriend Meg in “How I Meet My Mother” and has appeared in CSI, Psych, and CSI: NY. She has appeared in films such as “All Roads Lead Home” (2008), “Slammin’Salmon” (2009), and “From Prada to Nada” (2011). She played Rita Farr in the “Titans” show and its derivative series “Doom Patrol”.


Traci Lords (born Nora Louis Kuzma; May 7, 1968) is an American actress, former pornographic actress, singer, and model. In addition to her film career, she also pursues music. After her song “Love Never Dies” appeared in the soundtrack of the movie Pet Sematary Two (1992), she signed with Radioactive Records and subsequently released her first studio album “1000 Fires” (1995), which was well-received. Despite poor album sales, the lead single “Control” was a commercial success.

It ranked second on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs list and was included in the soundtrack of the movie Mortal Kombat (1995), which was eventually certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for double platinum. In 2003, Lords published her autobiography “Traci Lords: Underneath It All”, which was well-received by critics, and for the first time appeared on the New York Times bestseller list at No. 31. She is currently acting as a popular show in the Swedish pop comedy series.


Gwen Stefani was born and raised in California. Stefani’s parents are folk music fans. Stefani was exposed to many music artists by her parents. Any middle-aged woman out there should take a cue from Gwen Stefani’s skincare since she seems to have defied all laws of aging. Staying out of the sun is the secret to her impeccable skin and is commonly practiced by other women in Hollywood.

The singer believes that you should put on sufficient sunscreen to shield your skin from destructive UV radiation if you must go out and that your face should be makeup-free before going to bed. She also recommends plenty of sleep alongside a clean face. So sunscreen is probably worth the investment! In 2006, Stefani was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s character Elvira Hancock in the 1983 film “Scarface”. Her image has been modified. Her renewed image includes a symbol composed of two back-to-back ‘G’s.


Lucy Liu (born December 2, 1968) is an American actress. Liu said she grew up in a diverse community. She studied Mandarin at home and started learning English at the age of 5. When she was very young, she learned martial art as a hobby. At 49 years old, Lucy Liu still appears radiant, making people wonder if she uses anti-aging products and what they could be. According to an interview with E! Online, the actress reveals that the secret behind her smooth face and skin is water which is something already available to us.

She suggests that people need to drink water to keep the skin well-hydrated and fresh. You shouldn’t stop your nighttime regimen though; even Liu gives credits to Avenue crème and coconut oil which she applies on her face daily before going to bed. This means investments in skincare products can also be worth it.


Demi Moore is an American actress and film producer. When Moore was a child, she suffered from strabismus. Two operations correct the problem, eventually. Kidney dysfunction once troubled her, either. She discovered the marriage certificates of her mother and stepmother and questioned why her mother got married in February 1963 and she was born in 1962. Therefore, she knew about her biological father at 13 years old.

After starring in a movie for the first time in 1981, she appeared in the soap opera general hospital and was subsequently recognized by the members of the “Brat Pack” (Brat Pack). Played a role inflame It on Rio (1984), St. Elmo’s Fire(1985). She played the leading role in the highest-paid movie of the year “Ghost” (1990) and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. In the early 1990s, she achieved greater box office success with the films “A Few Good Men” (1992), “Indecent Proposal” (1993), and “Disclosure”.


Kristin Landen Davis (born February 23, 1965) is an American actress. Davis has had a dream of being an actress since she was a child. The thought came from her experience of casting in the Workshop Theatre show of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Kristin Davis is one of those Sex and the City girls with a good skincare regime. Even though she is 53 years old, she still receives a lot of credit for being just absolutely perfect and beautiful.

The best advice for the maintenance of healthy skin in old age that she has so often given to both fans and critics is sunscreen. Yes, you can have young and healthy skin no matter how old you get if you start making investments in protecting your skin against the sun. Make sure to use a sunscreen with the correct SPF level.


Jessica Phyllis Lange (born April 20, 1949) is an American actress. she won a scholarship to study art and photography at the University of Minnesota. During college time, she met and began to date with Paco Grande, a Spanish photographer. Then, they got married. When they moved to Paris, Lange learned mime theatre under the guidance of Étienne Decroux. Jessica Lange knows how to age gracefully. The Tootsie lead’s career may have spanned decades, but it wasn’t easy.

Her alimony payments consumed her bank account. The King Kong star also had to deal with divorce law firms which she must have spent her investment trying to get a good lawyer. Even after her rendezvous with Sam Shepard and Mikhail Baryshnikov, she continued to shine, recently starring in the TV series Feud and American Horror Story. Lange’s eternal youthfulness didn’t go unnoticed; she became the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. We’re grateful her past issues never landed her in bankruptcy.


Jennifer Beals (born December 19, 1963) is an American actress and a former model. The 1983 blockbuster Flashdance brought Jennifer Beals into the spotlight, recognizing her as that time’s dancing queen. The former teen model became a role model for girls to look up to. The fame and credits the hit film brought her would not be replicated for her next few roles, but she’s still acting. Beals claims she’s not spending many investments on skincare, but it’s hard to agree with her since she still looks good at 54 years old.

If a healthy lifestyle is enough to make her look that good, then we might just want to try it out ourselves. Beal actively supports women’s rights, which is famous in the public. She cooperated with Troian Bellisario in the web series Lauren on the YouTube channel WIGS in 2012.


Victoria Principal (born January 3, 1950) is an American actress, producer, entrepreneur, and author. Before finishing the first year of her college study, the Principal was seriously injured by a car accident. She spent months recovering and decided to move to New York for pursuing her acting career. Victoria Principal easily embodies the words “beauty” and “heart of gold”. The actress earned her Hollywood fame during the late ‘70s for starring in the soap opera Dallas.

Prior to the glitz and glam she now wallows in, she had much humbler beginnings. Victoria Principal was only five years old when she started making the airwaves through TV commercials before switching to full-on acting. The former soap opera star took home huge paychecks for her TV appearances, but she has since retired from the public eye. With the right investment planning and a great financial advisor, she’s far from bankruptcy risks.


Courteney Bass Cox (born June 15, 1964) is an American actress, producer, and director. Cox was born and grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She also has English descent. Cox went to Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C., but she chose to pursue her modeling and acting career instead of the architecture course. Courteney Cox’s journey through aging has us stumped. She is no fan of the wrinkles appearing all across her face, so she went for fillers on her face.

The enhancement made her look strange, and not many people can say they’re pleased with the result and the decision since she no longer looks like her real self. Cox realized this herself and later had the fillers dissolved in 2017, reclaiming her naturally gorgeous looks. This whole fiasco only proves that those fillers were not worth the investment.


Alexandra Elizabeth Sheedy was born on June 13, 1962. She began dancing at the American Ballet Theatre at the age of six and planned to make it become a full-time career. However, she gave up dancing and switched to performing full-time, and then she began to learn acting with acting teacher Harold Guskin. Ally Sheedy was part of the ‘80s Brat Pack like her The Breakfast Club co-star Molly Ringwald. The actress’ performance in the aforementioned cult classic launched her into international stardom.

Her good looks got her Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora for a cool rockstar boyfriend. The relationship between the two made her overindulge in drugs which later led to drug abuse, but Richie has since refuted this accusation. We hope she didn’t lose all her investment money during this time. Sheedy then went to have herself treated at a rehab center for her sleeping pill addiction. She’s set her life back on track and continues to write and act.


Lena Maria Jonna Olin ( born 22 March 1955) is a Swedish actress. Before becoming an actress, Olin worked as a substitute teacher and hospital nurse. Lena Olin was once a nurse before becoming an actress. Olin won an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress due to her performance in Enemies: A Love Story in 1989. The Swedish star knew that she should be on stage, appearing in several local plays soon after graduating from drama school with a degree.

She was cast by Ingmar Bergman and even became a former Miss Scandinavia. Olin appeared in the TV series Alias and is now a millionaire with a bank account that can cover both her home and personal insurance if she has any. She could probably afford many beauty treatments, but we might never know the secret to her natural beauty.


Julie Anne Smith (born December 3, 1960) is an American-British actress and author. Julianne Moore hardly aged when she appeared in the 2014 movie Still Alice. Her skin looks slightly stretched around her jawline, and she barely has wrinkles for a 57-year-old. It seems the actress must’ve gone under the knife at some point. Without proof for such a claim though, we can only trust her to show us the evidence. She did give credit to sunscreen as her secret.

She believes that one deadly risk to our skin is the sun. So that we can keep our skin healthy and young, we need to make investments that could protect us against the sun. Since the early 1990s, she has performed well in movies, especially for her portrayal of troubled women in independent films and blockbuster films. She has received many awards, such as the Academy Award, two Emmy Awards, and two Golden Globe Awards. In 2015, Time magazine listed Moore as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. And The New York Times named her 11th on the list of 25 Best Actors in the 21st century.


Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is an American actress, producer and businesswoman who was born on April 29, 1958. Michelle Pfeiffer can certainly command the attention of a room. At 59 years old, she still looks incredible. She landed her big break in the same film franchise as Olivia Newton-John. She became popular for appearing in films like Grease 2, Batman Returns, and Scarface. She joined a vegetarian cult as her form of drug and alcohol rehab, but she later remarked that they ran away with a lot of her earnings and investments.

She earned global renown for being considered as one of her generation’s most skilled actresses, with directors giving credits that claim her beauty makes her special. Due to her own experience of smoking for 10 years and a niece who suffered from leukemia for almost 10 years, she determined to support the American Cancer Society.


Geena Davis possesses both a lot of talent and an IQ that falls in the country’s top 2%, making her the perfect combination of beauty and brains. She’s been a producer, writer, actress, model, and athlete who took up archery as a wildcard. She has been interested in music since she was a child. She studied piano and flute when she was a teenager and has a high level of organ playing. She can work as an organist at her Congregational Church in Wareham.

She earned her fame and many credits due to her appearances in movies like Tootsie and Thelma and Louise. Unfortunately, she’s been married four times and had to seek counsel thrice from a divorce attorney. Her love life lately seems to be in better shape, and the man who will become her true love will be lucky.


Kylie Minogue is a prominent and famous artist who has received credits for her hard work and versatility. Today’s ageless youths are amazed by the fact that she named one of her albums Aphrodite after the Greek goddess of beauty. She has revealed that Botox has helped her stay young-looking since she believes that looking young is worth any investment and is also important to the entertainment industry.

After later discovering the insecurities that boggled her mind, Minogue stopped the injections and is now living a more natural lifestyle. We like to think that her natural self looks even more beautiful. Since Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, she has been the initiator and ambassador of the disease. In May 2010, she organized the breast cancer campaign for the first time. Minogue launched a new campaign called “One Note Against Cancer”, a charity organization that helps cancer research in 2014.


Sherilyn Fenn (born February 1, 1965) is an American actress. She comes from a musician family. Fenn used to travel with her mother and two siblings. Then they settled in Los Angeles when she was 17 years old. Fenn determined to pursue an acting career and dropped out of school. She chose to take part in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Sherilyn Fenn made one of her latest appearances on the crime series S.W.A.T. and had even been cast for the drama movie Something About Her.

The actress landed her big break during the ‘90s on the teen drama show Twin Peaks, and she went on to star in films like Wild at Heart, Rude Awakening, and Of Mice and Men. We pray her skills would continue to help her make more money that would increase with wise investment planning. Fenn seems lucky to have avoided the effects of aging, and we don’t think that she’ll ever need cosmetic surgery.


Cheryl Ladd initially wanted to become a musician, but she eventually became an actress. Her fame and credits come mainly from her replacing one of the original stars of the iconic TV series Charlie’s Angels. She started appearing in TV shows and films even while still pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Ladd further developed her music career with her gained popularity and acted as a guest star in musical comedy variety shows and special shows.

she performed the national anthem on Super Bowl XIV in 1980. In addition to that, Ladd is a published author who published her first children’s book in 1996. With great looks even at the age of 66, we can only wonder if it’s all thanks to plastic surgery or if it’s just natural. No matter the reason, her skin’s flawless.


Susan Dey is a retired American actress, from 1970 to 1974 in the sitcom “the Partridge Family” as a TV show in Laurie Partridge, and from 1986 to 1992, served as grace van Owen’s TV series “LA Law” she was an emmy nominations three times, six times won a golden globe nomination, and legal drama series in 1988 Los Angeles best actress golden globes.

Dey used to be a model and later appeared in the “The Partridge Family ”. She won the role when she was only 17 years old and even had no acting experience before. In 1977, she came back to the weekly network TV show “Love Me, Don’t Love Me” as the leading role. She once restricted her diet by eating so many carrots that her fingers turned orange. Alarmingly, as she lost weight, she ended up weighing just 92 pounds. Now 67, she still looks young and healthy.


Melissa Sue Anderson began acting early, gaining fame as Mary Ingalls on NBC’s Little House on the Prairie. This role brought her more credits and helped her become more popular in many other sitcoms. She seems to be living peacefully and drug-free, which is rare to see especially for those who entered showbiz early. We may not know Anderson’s skincare routine, but we do notice her graceful aging. She is 55 years old now, but she still looks exquisite, which is something a few of her colleagues certainly envy her for.

In 2010, Anderson published her autobiography named “The Way I See: Looking Back at My Life in a Small House.” This book is mainly based on her childhood living in a small house on the prairie. It contains behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes which include the show itself, the star of the show, the guest stars, and the staff. The autobiography also covers her career before and after the Little House, the subsidiary projects in the Little House period, and how her career influenced her private life.


Celine Dion was born on 30 March 1968. She is a Canadian singer. Pop queen, adult lyrical queen, Las Vegas queen. Celine has won the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, five Grammy Awards, twelve World Music Awards, seven American Music Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, twenty Juno Awards, and four Thirteen Felix Awards. The famous song “My Heart Will Continue” caused a worldwide sensation.

Since the 1980s, she has appeared in her home country as a teenage star and released a series of French albums. She first won the 1982 Yamaha World Pop Music Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest and won international recognition on behalf of Switzerland. After learning to speak English, she signed Epic Records in the United States. In 1990, Dion released his first English album “Unison”, making himself a viable pop singer in North America and other English-speaking countries in the world.


Catherine Louise Sagal was born on January 19, 1954 who is an American actress and singer-songwriter. For her own experience, Sagar described herself as “a Jew with a cultural background” but without “formal religious experience.” Katey Sagal is mostly remembered as AI’s wife Peggy Bundy in the sitcom Married with Children where she received three Golden Globe nominations and one American Comedy Award nomination. Sagal was a singer and songwriter initially, she served as a back vocalist for many singers, which contains Bob Dylan, Etta James, and Tanya Tucker.

In 2008, the actress appeared in Sons of Anarchy where she received a Golden Global Award for the best performance by an actress in a drama television series. Sagal once struggled with drug addiction for over 15 years, spending her investments on drugs. Fortunately, she managed to overcome this hurdle and many others. She’s now sober and still as beautiful as ever!


Christie Brinkley was born on February 2, 1954, She is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur. Errol Sawyer, An American photographer, found Brinkley in Paris in 1973. Brinkley took her first model photos and introduced to John Casablancas of Elite Model Management agency. However, she hesitated that she looked like a model. Brinkley had chances to participate in three national ad campaigns. Christie Brinkley is already 64 years old, but she looks younger than her age. Her youthful appearance and glowing skin make everyone wonder about her secrets.

Whether it’s good skincare or nutrition, this entrepreneur looks spectacular. Her beautifully slim physique is no surprise since she’s a vegan that reportedly only eats organic food. Brinkley’s looks will surely encourage people to try her diet, too. In an interview, Christie credits her dogs for making her happy, and the joy they bring her has helped her age healthily.


Kristen Mary Jenner was born on November 5, 1955, she is a producer, entertainment manager, and businesswoman. Jenner was raised in San Diego, California. Jenner has her own production company named Jenny Communications. It is located in Los Angeles. For keeping in touch with the Kardashians, Jenner started to manage her children’s careers. Kris Jenner is a reality star and the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

You can quickly notice that she still looks stunning even at 62 years of age. Her secret’s not that hard to debunk. The TV personality spends a lot of her investments on plastic surgery and Botox, but who can blame her? A certain number of celebrities do it, too, and even without cosmetic surgery, Jenner probably still looks like someone in her 30s. She looks amazing when you see her in her bikini because she exercises regularly.


Nicole Elizabeth Eggert was born on January 13, 1972, she is an American actress. Eggert’s stardom grew up for her mother participated in beauty contests. At age 5, she already was Miss Universe in the small sector. And her parents got a role for her in Johnson’s baby shampoo ad by an agent who chose Nichole Eggert. She has appeared in TV shows like Charles in Charge, Baywatch, and Who’s the Boss?

These roles helped her gain popularity and credits as a renowned actress in the ‘80s and ‘90s. She took on fewer projects over the years and became a businesswoman, but she probably didn’t need business loans. Even though Eggert hasn’t performed recently, her flaxen hair still makes her look great. At her age, she still appears youthful with a perfect smile.


Debra Lynn Messing was born on August 15, 1968, she is an American actress. Messing’s parents supported her dream to become an actress. They urged her that a liberal arts education should be completed before she decided to pursue an acting career. Messing followed her parents’ advice. She attended Brandeis University and studied courses that were not related to acting. When she was in junior year, she accumulated experience of learning theatre at the BESGL program which cemented her desire to acting.

Debra Messing began working in show business in the ‘90s, starting with a minor role on the TV show NYPD Blue. She was in her 20s then, and it’s funny to see so many actresses and actors these days getting an early start in the industry. Messing has aged quickly since then, but she is not so worried about aging since she has made huge investments in a diet plan and a fitness regimen which appears to be working great for her. We give credits to her lucky set of genes because that has worked in her favor as well.


Eleanor Nancy Macpherson was born 29 March 1964, she is an Australian model, businesswoman, television host, and actress. Her parents separated when she was 10 years old. Macpherson’s mother took responsibility to raise her and her other two siblings. Actresses that look 34 years old when they’re 54 years old continue to stump us.

Elle Macpherson has disclosed her secrets which include drinking a lot of water, consuming a moderate amount of protein-rich foods in the morning for breakfast, and sleeping for at least 8 hours every night. In this entrepreneur’s mind, an alkaline-rich diet plan will go a long way into helping those cautious of their looks sustain a youthful appearance. The company The Super Elixir that she co-founded can even help you along. It seems successful, so no wonder MacPherson looks like someone with a very good credit score.


Deborah Jeanne Rowe was born on December 6, 1958, she is an American dermatology assistant. Her parents separated when she was 1 year old. There were a few weeks before her second birthday. Rowe’s mother, maternal grandmother, and her other relatives raised her. Debbie Rowe was well-known for her relationship with Michael Jackson which resulted in a three-year marriage during the late ‘90s.

The pair met when the King of Pop went for his vitiligo treatments at the dermatology clinic where the nursing assistant worked. He wanted children, and because she was his big fan, she readily offered him this gift. Rowe became pregnant in 1996 and became Jackson’s wife later that year, bearing him two children. Although they had to call a divorce lawyer, the superfan stayed friends with the pop star until his death.


Sela Ann Ward was born on July 11, 1956, she is an American actress, author, and producer. Ward worked as a storyboard artist for multimedia presentations in New York in the meaning time, she became a model to increase income. She pursued her acting career in California afterward. Some actresses are afraid to turn 60 years old because they’d start losing their beauty. Even though we’ve been taught that inner beauty is more important, making occasional investments in plastic surgeries can help.

Since cosmetic surgery is a sensitive topic, they’d instead rely on injections. We’re not sure if Sela’s one of them, but if not, then we’ll give kudos to her rigorous and tri-weekly cardio routine. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about her dietary plans, and because of that, we really have nothing to say about it. Whatever diet she’s on right now, it’s working well for her.


Mary Kathleen Turner was born on June 19, 1954, she is an American actress. Kathleen Turner is a Hollywood starlet often recognized for her loud voice. In the ‘80s, she had a lucrative career and gained credits for her appearances in movies like Romancing the Stone, Prizzi’s Honor, and Body Heat. Her career slowed down in the ‘90s because of her rheumatoid arthritis, costing her about eight years of treatment and investments before she could get back up on her feet again.

Turner has always been a successful and popular theater actress who has starred in plays like Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins and Who’s Scared of Virginia Woolf? Turner has been dedicated to the Planned Parenthood Association of America since she was 19 and later became its chairman. She also is a regular donor to the Democratic Party. She has contributed to raising awareness of rheumatoid arthritis.


Jaclyn Smith was born on October 26, 1945, she is an American actress and businesswoman. Due to Smith got jobs in TV commercials and print ads, she transferred her aspiration to modeling and acting. One specific factor that makes Jaclyn Smith unique from other Hollywood celebrities is her smartness and one-of-a-kind beauty.

When she realized that she became a role model for both women and men looking to reverse the effects of aging on their physical appearances, she made a huge investment and launched her own line of skincare products, naming it Jacklyn Smith Beauty. We’re not sure if Smith uses her own products or not, but then we must at least give due credits to her rare genetics for making her look this beautiful at this age. Smith became a businesswoman and designed a clothing line for Kmart in 1985.


Heather Deen Locklear was born on September 25, 1961, she is an American actress best known for her television role as Amanda Woodward at Melrose Place from 1993 to 1999. For this, she received four consecutive Golden Globe Nominations for Best Actress in a Drama. Heather Locklear has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of September 2020. Although she even worked as a model, most of her income came from her primary career as an actress. She is one of the actresses who has had a long career (i.e., more than 30 years).

After her initial success in television and film roles, her perseverance led to gradual success in her acting career. A person who claimed himself Locklear’s doctor made a 9-1-1 call. He stated that Locklear tried to commit suicide. However, Lockear’s publicist insisted that Lockear had never made requests for any medical assistance. A few months later, Lockear’s agent confirmed her anxiety and depression. Then, she received treatment and returned home.


Dolly Rebecca Parton was born on January 19, 1946, she is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress, and businesswoman. In the world of country music, Dolly Parton is one of its most popular and remarkable personalities. Ever since the ‘60s, the country star has gained fame and recognition for being one of the most renowned figures to come out of the country music scene. She has made a rather prominent fortune throughout her career, but she spent a huge degree of her wealth so that she could go under the knife.

We guess these operations paid off because Parton hardly looks like someone who’s in her ‘70s. She must have made some huge investments for these procedures. Parton runs the Dollywood Foundation to support many charitable activities for decades, especially in the field of literacy. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library which is part of her literacy program in the United Kingdom. From the day of birth day, every child in school will be mailed a book every month until entering kindergarten.


Martha Helen Stewart was born on August 3, 1941, she is an American retail businesswoman, writer, television celebrity, and former model. She is a writer with many best-selling books. Stewart also serves as the publisher of “Martha Stewart Life” magazine and hosted two television shows. Martha Stewart may just be the only celebrity that everyone loves in Hollywood who hardly seems to age.

The businesswoman may have good credit reports, but when she realized her skin’s special qualities as well as the curiosity of many women regarding her skincare regimen, she began building her reputation amongst her audiences, giving them advice on how to properly take care of their skin. Stewart is one of those people who live by their teachings. One example is that she appears to glow more than the usual 76-year-old woman. She must have made the right investments in her regimen.


Dame Judi Dench is admired for being independent, strong, and domineering. e. Dench has been recognized as one of the greatest actresses in Britain’s history. She is well-known for her performance in the theatre and is an expert in the area of the theatre. She has been voted as Britain’s best actor many times. The actress grew up shy and poised, but at 83 years old, she’s confident and strong.

Her face bears many lines, but she doesn’t try concealing them with makeup. Her high cheekbones blue eyes hardly show the decades she’s lived. Because of her appearance, people could believe her if she tells them that she’s in her late 60s. We can surely look up to her. We wonder what investments she made in skincare products to keep her healthy and young-looking appearance.


Tippi Herden was born on January 19, 1930, she is an American actress, animal rights activist, and fashion model. When she was 20 years old, Hedren came to New York and participated in the Eileen Ford Agency. She started her acting career. Tippi Herden may be older than some countries, but she still looks fresh and ready for more projects.

The actress has received credits for her performance in the 1963 film The Birds and is about to enter into her 90s in the next two years. We know very little about her skincare regimen probably because her approach to self-care is old-fashioned. Herden probably gave some of her makeup tips to her granddaughter Dakota Johnson, because they both look wonderful as always. We’re happy to know that she’s making a long-term investment in her family, passing on her good genes and secrets.


Betty Marion White Ludden was born on January 17, 1922, she is an American actress and comedian. She was inspired to have an acting career by her idols Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. Two of Betty White’s most remarkable successes that are worth boasting about are the longest television career and her venture as a female entrepreneur with a good credit score.

The comedienne’s career spans over 75 years and is still going; she doesn’t want to retire. She recently appeared in the sitcom Hot in Cleveland. White is a positive figure who likes advising people to be proud of their age and wrinkles. In one interview, she said she loved vodka, but this hasn’t kept her from looking great at 96 years old. With her years of experience, she could teach some online classes to share her secrets.


Erin Margaret Murphy was born on June 17, 1964, is an American actress. Erin Murphy is best known for playing Tabitha Stephens in the TV show Bewitched which she portrayed together with her sister, who then left immediately after the end of the second season. The actress also appeared in Deadly Fighters, but she had to hire a divorce attorney thrice. If you’re wondering what she’s been doing lately, she’s actually now a lifestyle and fashion writer and appears to be pretty good at it.

With her beauty at her age, Murphy should share her nutrition and beauty tips through online classes with women around the globe. Murphy is a writer with a beauty and luxury lifestyle. Her work appears in many magazines and online publications. She is also an inspirational speaker, raising funds for charitable organizations. Murphy often talks about autism because one of her sons has this disease.


Melissa Ellen Gilbert was born May 8, 1964, she is an American actress, television director, producer, politician, and former president of the Screen Actors Guild. Gilbert’s earliest television experience accumulated in dozens of commercials. Melissa Gilbert began acting during the late ‘60s and has received credits for her role in the serial TV drama Little House on the Prairie. Gilbert’s contribution to the television industry earned her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6429 Hollywood Blvd in 1985.

This one appearance gained her fame and renown, and she later continued to land bigger roles. Even though Gilbert still looks great, she once struggled with drug abuse and alcohol. Thankfully, she successfully conquered her addictions and even wrote a book on them. As of late, she’s in better health and looking better than before. Certain celebrities like her should try teaching a few online classes about their life experience.


Diana Ross was born on March 26, 1944, she is an American singer and actress. As a teenager, Diana Ross began singing with friends and eventually formed the ground-breaking 1960s trio UPS, popular with hits such as “Come see me” and “You can’t Love Fast.” Ross, who left his professional career in 1969, went on to reach no. 1 with “Not Enough mountains” and a “love hangover.” After leaving the Supremes in 1970, Rose started a very successful solo career in music, television, film, and stage.

She also starred in films such as Mahogany and Lady Blues, for which she was nominated for an Oscar. Despite personal and professional ups and downs, Rose, 76, has stood the test of time as a performer with a career spanning more than four decades. She is always young and beautiful in the hearts of her fans.


Stacey Lauretta Dash was born on January 20, 1966, she is an American actress and former talk show host. Stacey Dash’s looks make it hard to believe that she’s already 51 years old. The good-looking star still looks like she’s in her 30s, making people wonder what diet plans keep her looking this young. Her role as Dionne Davenport in Clueless got her fame and many credits. She also appeared in films like Moving, Mo’ Money, and Renaissance.

She’d also been an on-air contributor for Fox News a few years ago. Nowadays, Dash is more focused on politics. With her good looks, we can only think that she has a huge bank account that can afford any kind of insurance she needs. She supports the right to keep and bear arms. She believes that using guns can save lives because her ex-boyfriend sexually assaulted her because she was able to retrieve her weapons and scared him away.


Keely Shаye Smith was born on September 25, 1963. Keely Shaye Smith has done it all–writing, acting, TV hosting, and journalism. Smith and her future husband worked to prevent building a proposed salt factory in Laguna San Ignacio with the Natural Resources Defense Council and the International Fund for Animal Welfare from 1995 to 2000.

She’s wed to Pierce Brosnan, and they have two sons. The multi-talented beauty has also done a bit of modeling. With an amazing married life and a prolific career to boast about. It’s not surprising to find her still looking incredible. At one point in her life, Smith lost some weight, and we don’t know if she made investments in liposuction or followed an ingenious diet plan. At the end of the day, what she followed worked for her!


Milana Alexandrovna Ventey was born on March 8, 1987, in Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, and is a Jew. She is an American actress and comedian. Her family immigrated and lived in West Hollywood, the United States, as refugees. They lived with financial problems. Vayntrub had to work to support her family at a very young age. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego (BA). She started acting in Mattel Barbie’s commercials when she was five years old.

The most famous is her role as Lily Adams in a series of AT&T TV commercials. Recently, Vayntrub dubbed the squirrel girl Doreen Green in the Marvel Rising series and played the role of the unbroadcast TV pilot “New Warrior” based on the comic team of the same name. Vayntrub touched when she visited Greece and met refugee families who were fleeing the Syrian Civil War. She founded a social media activity which is called #CantDoNothing#. It aims to highlight the European migrant crisis.


Molly Kathleen Ringwald was born on February 18, 1968, she is an American actress and author. Ringwald said that she was clear about her public image during her teenage time. She wants to sent positive information to teenagers and to be a good model for people who like her. She understands the responsibility she has. VH1 considered Molly Ringwald as the most popular star in history, and she’s honored to be considered.

She was a member of the Brat Pack which consisted of successful young actors in the ‘80s. The teen star appeared in the films Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club and the series The Facts of Life. Throughout the years, she’s kept her good looks and laidback lifestyle in check. She’s appeared in Riverdale, in which we ought to give her credit for, as well as her continuously radiant beauty which she still managed to maintain.


Sarah Jessica Parker was born on March 25, 1965, she is an American actress and producer. Parker founded a production company, Pretty Matches. It produces content for channels, such as HBO, etc. She is working to gain the amount of women in media and production work through her company projects. She produced the series “Divorce” and the movie “Here and Now” through Pretty Matches. At 55, SJP is still in good shape.

As well as regular running, Pilates, and yoga workouts, SJP maintains an active lifestyle in her native New York, taking the stairs everywhere and walking when possible. She also trains with celeb trainer Anna Kaiser of AKT Motion, who puts her through her paces with an intensive 20-minute combo of hip hop dancing, yoga and Pilates interspersed with weight exercises, allowing for active recovery sessions so that every second counts-literally! That’s the secret of her staying young.


Cote de Pablo was born on November 12, 1979, she is a Chilean-American actress and singer. De Pablo was born in Santiago, Chile. When she was 10, her mother worked for a Spanish-language television network in Miami, Florida. There de Pablo attended the Arvida Middle School and the New World School of Art, where she studied musical theater. In fifth grade, she found that many people couldn’t pronounce their name “MariaJose,” so she asked them to call her Cote, the Chilean slang for MariaJose.

De Pablo attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she studied music and drama and appeared in several plays, including Walking with the World, House of Bernada Alba, Fantasia, and Serenade. She graduated from the Music Theater in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. De Pablo has been closely related with Actor Diego Serrano. However, the media report that they separated in June 2015.


Goldie Jeanne Hawn was born November 21, 1945, she is an American actress, producer, dancer, and singer. Goldie Hawn’s blue eyes and trademark bangs have never failed to dazzle. The Golden Globe winner continues to shine, giving credits to dancing, meditation, and fun for helping her maintain her youthful appearance. We believe she never had to deal with any form of drug abuse which fortunately saved her several years’ worth of investments.

Beauty is in her family’s genes, which would help explain why her daughter Kate Hudson was endowed with her mother’s cheerful smile and light-colored hair. We hope that Hawn will continue with her charitable humanitarian causes to help improve the lives of many people. Hawn established the Hawn Foundation in 2003. It is a non-profit organization that provides youth education programs aimed at improving academic performance by “life-enhancing strategies for well-being”.


Ursula Andress was born on 19 March 1936, she is a Swiss film and television actress, a former model. Ursula Andress was one of the original Bond girls in the James Bond film franchise. She portrayed Honey Ryder and eventually Vesper Lynd in the aforementioned installment Casino Royale. She also appeared in British, American, and Italian movies which brought her many film credits as well as critical renown in a short period of time.

Andress has since retired from the industry, living a peaceful drama-free life. Even though she didn’t use all of her investments in cosmetic surgery, she still looks incredible like before. It might surprise you to know that she dated James Dean for a little while. In 2017, Andris sold her house in Beverly Hills with a considerable profit. As of 2020, Andress allocate time between an apartment in Rome and a house in Switzerland near her siblings.


Bern Nadette Stanis was born on December 22, 1953, she is an American actress and author. She has 4 siblings and grew up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York City. She won the Miss New York state pageant as a teenager. Bern Nadette Stanis is not only an actress, but she’s also the author behind four publications. She’s been married four times, implying some possible involvement with a divorce attorney who helped her along at some point.

We do hope that she finds her Mr. Right in due time. Stanis appeared in several TV shows and is also the mother of two while still embarking on her writing career with great books. We’d really appreciate it if she could tell us how she could manage all these. We can believe with certainty that the star earned herself a good credit score.


Lisa Diane Whelchel was born on May 29, 1963, she is an American actress, singer, songwriter, author, and public speaker. Lisa Whelchel gained popularity for playing a Mouseketeer on Disney’s The New Mickey Mouse Club which, along with her nine-year run on The Facts of Life, both have helped cement her stardom. She seems to remain healthy and was able to maintain her exquisite looks. Whelchel also has plenty of experiences that she hopes to share as a life coach and mentor.

Even without any obvious evidence of plastic surgery, she still comes off with a youthful vibe. We’re sure that Lisa has an impressive credit score thanks to her successful career. Since 2004, Whelchel has been delivering inspirational speeches regularly in churches and conferences across the country. In 2000, she founded Momtime Ministers which is a religious network of mothers’ groups. Members meet weekly and “equip, refresh and encourage” each other.


Dame Julie Andrews DBE was born on 1 October 1935, she is an English actress, singer, dancer, and author. Andrew’s stepfather supported her learning. Mrs. Lilian Stiles-Allen who is her concert soprano and voice lecturer influenced Andrew a lot. Andrew stated that Mrs. Lilian Stiles-Allen is her third mother. Julie Andrews captured many hearts in movies like Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

The movie actress found international stardom, credits to her trademark roles and voice. Unfortunately, she lost her voice to a botched throat operation which cost her many investments, but her acting skills still won her several projects. Andrews never went under the knife and has since maintained her clean image which she even defended by accusing a tabloid of framing her as a drug addict. We hope that she can continue to shine and progress in her career.


Pamela Suzette Grier was born on May 26, 1949, she is an American actress. Due to her father had a military career, her family always moved to a different places when she was young, such as England. And they settled down in Denver, Colorado. Pam Grier began her acting career in the entertainment industry by portraying a vigilante or a bad guy in action films, which she definitely receives credit for.

The actress wouldn’t allow her skin color to keep her from becoming the world’s first heroine. Her work with director Quentin Tarantino hugely impacted her career, and she’s since been making more than enough money that should be handled by a financial advisor. She once dated comedian Pryor Richard whose cocaine addiction led her down the path to drug abuse. Thankfully, Grier conquered her addiction and continues to look even better like never before.


Daryl Christine Hannah was born on December 3, 1960, is an American actress. The partly reason Hannah became interested in movies is insomnia. However, she felt isolated from the world when she was young. After she was diagnosed with autism, medical experts urged her parents to send her to the hospital. Instead, her mother decided to temporarily move to Jamaica with Hannah, hoping that changes in the environment would help her daughter. You might know Daryl Hannah because she appeared in blockbusters like The Furry, Blade Runner, and Splash.

The star’s been a lifelong vegan and a prominent activist who at one point even got arrested for it, but her lawyer helped her out of it. We think that her attorney didn’t come cheap either. Her works on fighting animal cruelty, preventing climate change, and keeping oil companies away from Native American lands have inspired many. We’re unsure if a cosmetic enhancement or her vegan diet erased any wrinkles from her forehead, but Hannah’s definitely still killing it at 57 years old.


Barbara Eden was born on August 23, 1931, she is an American actress and singer. Her first appearance in the public was singing in the church choir. During her teenage time, she worked in local bands and earned money. When she was 16 years old, she attended school and pursued further study in singing and acting.

When she reached her teens, the budding actress performed in night shows where she later expressed an interest in acting. At the age of 16, she joined Actors’ Equity to develop her skills. Eden became known for her role as Jeannie in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie. For someone at the age of 86, she still looks perfect, credits to her flawless skin color and type. It’s probably all thanks to the use of her investments for buying and using tons of makeup.


Sophia Loren was born on 20 September 1934, she is an Italian actress. During World War II, Allied forces frequently bombed the port and ammunition factory. When Loren ran to the shelter, she was hit by shrapnel and injured in the chin. Sophia Loren had captured the hearts of many people, owing credits to her stunning looks and captivating performances.

Although she’s 83 years old, the Italian actress hardly looks her age. She became the first foreign language actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. Although many people attempted to persuade her into enhancing her nose through plastic surgery, Loren didn’t listen to any of them, so she probably has better control over money management. She hasn’t retired yet, but she’s been waiting for a great role to come so that she can show her skills once more.


Mary Steenburgen was born on February 8, 1953, she is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. Mary Steenburgen’s career peaked when she met Jack Nicholson. The Oscar-winning actress appeared in several successful movies like Back to The Future III and Melvin and Howard. Since then, her career continues to soar and earn her more credits. She played a lead role in the film The Last Man on Earth.

Many people believe her looks were partly enhanced by plastic surgery possibly including breast enlargement and skin rejuvenation which altogether sounds like many costly investments. Whether the rumor is true or not, we can be certain that we’d all want to look like Steenburgen at 64 years old. Steenburgen’s arm needed general anesthesia and underwent minor surgery in 2007. Soon after, she began to experience “ music playing in mind day and night”. Then she took music lessons for writing down what she heard.


Iman was born on 25 July 1955, she is a Somali fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur. Iman lived with her grandparents at a very young age. When she was 4 years old, she went to a boarding school in Egypt. She spent most of her childhood and adolescence in Egypt. After political turmoil in Somalia, Iman’s father moved the family back to the country. Iman is incredibly flawless for her age.

Through her modeling work, the beautiful Somali top model managed to afford her studies and later claim her degree from the University of Nairobi, but over the years, her fortune grew more than her student loans. Several times throughout her life, she flew around the world for photoshoots. Iman later became the wife of the late singer David Bowie. Soon after, she turned into an entrepreneur who founded a company that specializes in ethnic cosmetics. We are confident that with the model-turned-businesswoman at the helm, any product will get easily sold out.


Catherine Bach was born on March 1, 1954, she is an American actress. She is a descendant of the Verdugo family, one of the earliest landed families in California. She grew up on a ranch in South Dakota. Bach studied at the University of California and majored in drama. She dressed for friends and theater groups which increased her income. Catherine Bach caught everyone’s eye when she portrayed Daisy Duke in the original TV series The Dukes of Hazzard where she started receiving many credits and even inspired girls everywhere to dress like her.

The actress can be seen in shows like The Young and the Restless. She struggled a lot in life. Bach lost her husband to suicide, placing her in a financial pickle since this makes her responsible for her credit card bills. Despite her troubles, she is still a beauty who claims that her daily routine of about three hours of extreme dancing is her beauty secret.


Linda Kozlowski was born on January 7, 1958, in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is a former American actress living a life like no other, she has earned fame, popularity, and movie husband. However, the brilliant start did not help her entire career. She was nominated for the Golden Globe Award in 1987. After performing with Crocodile Dundee, she married Australian actor Paul Hogan.

Because she was not satisfied with the role she was getting, she basically left the show business. Linda Kozlowski said: “These direct videos and unpleasant movies that I got have brought me ulcers, mainly because I am the only one who cares about anything…between that and my biological clock, I determined to give them away.” Today, she is 62 years old, engaged in business activities, and establishing new relationships, which can bring new places of residence in Africa.


Danica Mae McKellar was born on January 3, 1975, she is an American actress, mathematics writer, and education advocate. At the age of seven, McKellar attended a children’s weekend performance class at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles. During her teenage years, she played an important role in the American TV comedy “Wonder Years”. Danica McKellar is recognized for her performance in the movie The Wonder Years, and now in her 40s, we’re surprised to see her still rocking it without any lines on her face.

People think that an actress isn’t stressed or hasn’t gone under the knife when she appears young for an unusually long period of time. McKellar has struggled through hard times since claiming her degree from UCLA and writing several books on mathematics. She must probably have been blessed with a good set of genes. Surprisingly, she is a wealthy woman who bears an impressive set of credit reports.


Bernadette Peters was born February 28, 1948, she is an American actress, singer, and children’s book author. Bernadette Peters is a renowned figure who bagged several Tony and Drama Desk Awards throughout her career. The actress is known on Broadway for appearing in productions like Mack and Mabel, Into the Woods, and Sunday in the Park with George. She didn’t allow her career to stay on the stage of Broadway alone; she tried her hands at both voice and on-screen acting.

Peters later married investment advisor Michael Wittenburg in 1996, but she, unfortunately, lost him to a helicopter accident in 2005. Peters co-founded the animal adoption charity with Mary Tyler. She wrote 3 children’s books to support Broadway Barks. Peters also wrote these words and music into a lullaby called “Song of Cramer”.


Helen Rachel Slater was born on December 15, 1963, she is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Slater grew up in Bethpage, New York. She is Jewish. Her parents divorced in 1974. Her brother David is a lawyer in New York City. Despite widespread misunderstandings, she has nothing to do with the actor Christian Slater, who played her brother in the legend of Billy Jean. Helen Slater portrayed Supergirl in 1984 and today plays the superhero’s adoptive mother Eliza Danvers in the Supergirl TV series.

The actress earned several big-screen credits from films like City Slickers, Ruthless People, and The Secret of My Success. She even tried her hand at music and has since released five albums. Slater also boasts of an incredible stage career marked by her co-founding of the New York-based theater group The Naked Angels and her impressive theater portfolio that includes her appearances on productions like Shakespeare and Friends and Grease. We’re happy to report that she is nowhere near bankruptcy.


Dorothy Faye Dunaway (born January 14, 1941) is an American actress. Faye Dunaway is an Academy Award winner for Best Actress in a Leading Role. This honor is just one of the most prestigious distinctions many actors and actresses work hard to take home one day throughout their careers. Although the recognition doesn’t award its winners with anti-aging solutions, actresses need to work hard to maintain their youthful looks.

Dunaway is already 77 years old, but she has since done a remarkable job with maintaining her natural facial beauty by using fewer cosmetic products and probably also making fewer investments in them. We’re happy to report that she’s still quite the stunner. Dunaway is considered one of the greatest and most beautiful actresses of this generation and a powerful symbol of the new Hollywood. Joan Crawford complimented Dunaway in her 1971 book “My Way of Life”.


Cybill Lynne Shepherd was born on February 18, 1950, she is an American actress and former model. She won the congeniality award at the 1966 Miss Teenage America pageant when she was 16 years old. Cybill Shepherd was one of the 1960s’ most prolific teen stars. She earned many credits for her eponymous TV series Cybill. The former teen model is allegedly worth over $40 million which she seems to have spent a part of trying to settle her divorce with two of her ex-husbands with the helped of an experienced lawyer.

She’s also a human rights and LGBTQ+ community attorney which gives her further credibility. Shepherd is still actively acting and not married, but we hope that she one day end up with a man so lucky. Shepherd has been an outspoken human rights activist, working on issues such as gay rights and abortion rights during her career.


Charlene L. Tilton was born on December 1, 1958, she is an American actress and singer. She has been active in the industry for over four decades now, landing her big break on the 1978 romantic drama film Dallas. At the age of 59, the actress’s looks easily defy her age, apart from the extra skin surrounding her neck. She’s currently not working on anything which would probably mean that she’s either not being granted any role or just taking a break.

Tilton managed to collect 63 credits to her name so far which seems to define her lucrative career, although she mostly played minor roles. With her successful career, she can probably buy anything without needing a loan. In 2001, Tilton received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Young Artist Foundation for her role as Lucy Ewing in the original Dallas TV series.


Tina Louise is an American actress born in New York who portrayed the role of Ginger Grant in the comedic TV series Gilligan’s Island. After advertising in her father’s candy store, Louise took up her first role at the age of 2. She started to learn acting, singing, and dancing under Sanford Meisner in Manhattan’s Neighborhood Theater when she was 17. In 1958, the star won a Golden Globe for Most Promising Female Newcomer, giving due credits to her performance in the comic drama film God’s Little Acre.

She continued to appear in a couple of other movies, but her career hardly seemed to go any further, and failed to rake in any more investments. Louise believed her appearance in Giligan’s Island destroyed her career since she could no longer portray anyone else besides the comedic Ginger Grant.


Lucille Frances Lawless MNZM was born on 29 March 1968, she is a New Zealand actress and singer. Lucy became a contestant of the celebrity Duets and was inspired to pursue a career in singing, and finally finished the competition as the runner-up of Alfonso Ribeiro. The character of Xena from the hit show Xena: Warrior Princess is surely memorable, and Lucy Lawless is most popular for her portrayal of pop culture’s warrior princess.

The actress has since appeared in other shows like Spartacus. At the age of 21, she was crowned as Miss New Zealand with credits to her gorgeous looks. Lawless can make anyone wonder how she managed to maintain such a radiant and childlike appearance. She’s donned a bikini which just made our jaws drop. We think that she has spent a lot of investments to help her follow a rigorous workout routine.


Julie Newmar was born on August 16, 1933, she is an American actress, dancer, and singer. Newmar has two siblings who are Peter Bruce Newmeyer and John A. Newmeyer. She has been dancing since she was a child and has been a prima ballerina with the Los Angeles Opera since she was 15. Julie Newmar is renowned for portraying Sveg Katrin in the Broadway play The Marriage-Go-Round for which she even won the Tony Award for Best Actress.

The versatile performer also portrayed Catwoman in the 1960s Batman TV series and received many credits, exemplifying the perfect mix of brains, humor, and beauty all in one person. She later took on fewer acting projects and became an entrepreneur thanks to investment planning, but she hasn’t lost her charm. We don’t know what cosmetic products Newmar uses to maintain her youthful appearance, but we’d seriously appreciate it if she could let us know.


Maureen Denise McCormick was born on August 5, 1956, she is an American actress, singer, and author. She won the Baby Miss San Fernando Valley beauty Pageant when she was six years old. In 1964, she first made an appearance in Mattel commercials for Barbie and Chatty Casey on National Television. Maureen McCormick earned popularity credits from the ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch. Even after the show ended, the actress continued to act, scoring her roles in many movies and TV shows.

She’s another personality that looks so much younger than her actual age of 62, continuously making people envious of her tiny waistline and fair skin. McCormick, unfortunately, went through some tough times in her life, battling her vice addictions besides bulimia. Despite this, she says her loving husband volunteered to help her recover and get back to her old self.


Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot was born on 28 September 1934, she is a French animal rights activist and former actress and singer. Bardot had a prosperous childhood; she lived in her family’s seven-bedroom house in the luxurious 16th district. However, her youth memory was not wonderful. Her parents were strict to the high standard of behavior, which contains good table manners and wear the right clothes. Her mother chose her companions very selectively, so Bardot had very few childhood friends.

Brigitte Bardot got her fame credits from the films Barbarella and …And God Created Woman. The French stunner charmed everyone with her one-of-a-kind looks in the ‘60s and ‘70s. She overcame many troubles in life, including a £12,000-fine for making racist comments. Bardot was often called “BB” which came from her initials and is an activist who has become selfless over the years. At the age of 49, the veteran actress was rushed to the hospital due to a drug overdose, but she looks better today especially in her 80s. She probably spent most of her savings on medical bills unless she had medical insurance.


Charlotte Ross was born on January 21, 1968. She grew up in Winnetka, Illinois. She is a beautiful actress who made her way through Hollywood and is given credit for her beauty. She first appeared on the screen when she was 8 years old. Ross continued to perform in a various theater in her hometown.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t done much work lately as she did back in the ‘90s and the early 2000s, when we saw her appear in the shows Days of our Lives and NYPD Blue. We’ll be glad to know if Ross uses some anti-aging supplements, but she’s kept her skincare regime confidential. We don’t know if she’s using some miracle solution or if it’s just genetics. If so, you can’t buy this even if you get a large loan!


Kelly LeBrock was born on March 24, 1960, she is an American actress and model. LeBrock started working as a model in her hometown of New York City when she was 16. Her breakthrough came after she appeared in a 24-page album in Vogue magazine. Kelly LeBrock has appeared on both the silver screen as well as the pages of Vogue. The actress’s eye-catching appearance in the film Weird Science made everyone swoon, and she’ll always be that iconic 80’s girl.

Her popularity tragically introduced her to alcohol addiction and depression which cost her a huge degree of money for rehab and divorce lawyers. This instance made her leave the industry, moving to an isolated manor together with her family. We believe her beauty runs through her family’s genes. Recently, the former model returned to Hollywood, introducing one of her daughters as a rising model.


Twiggy was born on 19 September 1949, she is an English model, actress, and singer. Lesley Lawson was famously called Twiggy and was iconic in the ‘60s and ‘70s, owing credits of her fame to her minuscule waistline and doll-like eyes. Despite her thin figure, the multi-talented performer has always maintained that she didn’t practice any diet, adding that she had always been healthy. She quickly ended her modeling career to start a career in acting, later appearing on both the small and big screens.

At the age of 68, Twiggy is still a stunner. We wonder how she got to age gracefully. Twiggy is still at the forefront of fashion for women of the same age. During 2009-2010, when Danini Minogue joined her for the spring/summer women’s collection, she was one of the few well-known celebrities whose fashion team survived from being out by the Mark& Spencer fashion team.


Jeanne Marie Tripplehorn was born on June 10, 1963, she is an American actress. Her parents divorced when she was a little baby. She graduated from Edison High School in 1981 and studied at the University of Tulsa for a semester. She appeared on local TV shows and worked part-time. Then she worked full-time for the local rock radio station KMOD for a few years before going to Juilliard. Before she made a fortune off of making movies in the movie industry, Jeanne Tripplehorn began her acting career in the theater.

The accomplished actress earned her fame credits from popular films like The Firm, Sliding Doors, and Basic Instinct. In an interview with CNN, she mentioned that she had two family members who had each survived their difficult battles with cancer. Their struggles with the dreaded disease have made Tripplehorn extremely cautious of her own health, convincing her to pay better attention to the foods included in her dietary plan and probably getting good health insurance.


Lorraine Bracco was born on October 2, 1954, she is an American film and television actress. She also has Italian and French descent due to her parents. Her parents met during World War II. Her mother came with husband to the United States and became a war bride. Bracco was raised in Hicksville, New York. Lorraine Bracco earned herself several accolades and credits for her acting chops. The distinguished actress has made appearances in films like Goodfellas and TV shows like The Sopranos.

After suffering through a year-long bout of misery, she finally understood that she was not only just sad and was instead going through a depressive episode, eventually calling for her attorney to assist her in any way possible. Bracco later learned that one way for her to get out of her anguish was for her to go for a lifestyle that revolved around physical fitness and lots of activities.


Connie Stevens was born on August 8, 1938, she is an American actress, director, author, producer, cinematographer, and singer. The lovely, tireless Connie Stevens added spark to some Hollywood movies and TV shows in the ’50s and’ 60s. She married two men, but both were divorced. Her marriage to Mr. Fisher gave birth to two daughters, Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher, who both became actresses. Single, with two daughters, and at odds with Hollywood, Connie began to run into serious financial difficulties.

The never-giving-away woman turned her financial troubles around in the 1990s when she embarked on a new lucrative career, TV shopping for skincare and cosmetics. Now, as a self-made mogul with her own successful beauty line, Connie is living proof that anything can happen in the wild and wacky world called show business. She’s 82 now, but she’s still pretty.


Brooke Christa Shields was born on May 31, 1965, she is an American actress and model. At 16, she already became one of the most well-known faces in the United States due to her career as a provocative fashion model and a child actress. Brooke Shields began working in the entertainment industry at 12 years old, quickly finding fame before taking a break from acting to get her romance language degree from Princeton University.

With such an early start to her career, the actress must surely have a massive bank account that could afford any investment and insurance. She eagerly went back to acting after graduation and has since appeared in many sitcoms like Lipstick Jungle and That ‘70s Show. We guess her youthful glow is a result of her vegan diet, cold water, and her dermatologist, which she claims have maintained her radiance.


Mia Farrow was born on February 9, 1945, she is an American actress, activist, and former fashion model. Mia Farrow knew she wanted to be an actress at the age of 2. She appeared in many films and series including her work with her ex-husband Woody Allen and the horror classic Rosemary’s Baby. The former was difficult and ended in a messy battle where the scream queen won, credits to her lawyer.

She believed anyone can age gracefully without cosmetic surgery or Botox, recommending countless sessions of sleeplessness, a bounty of heartbreaks, and caring for at least 12 children. Farrow makes her words of advice sound so easy, but we’re sure they’re easier said than done. Farrow also took part in environmental protection activities and protested against Chevron in 2014, accusing the oil company of causing environmental damage to the South American rainforest.


Nancy Justine McKeon was born on April 4, 1966, she is an American actress. McKeon is known for carefully studying her role and personality. Her entertainment career started with her brother when she was 2 years old. They appeared in many commercials. Then the family moved to Los Angeles from New York. Nancy McKeon began acting in commercials along with her brother. In the show The Facts of Life, the actress played Jo which made her a fan favorite.

After her stint on the show ended, she almost played Monica in the sitcom Friends. Despite it not happening, her career progressed, and she never found herself in bankruptcy. McKeon practiced good money management, and her acting career helped her maintain a modest bank account, keeping her lifestyle stable. We hope to see her on our TV screens again since her skills may still be as sharp as the start.


Erika Eleniak was born on September 29, 1969, she is an American actress, Playboy Playmate, and former model. She grew up in Glendale, California. Her father has Ukrainian descent and her mother has Estonian and German descent. Erika’s paternal great-grandfather was one of the first Ukrainian pioneers to immigrate to Canada. Erika Eleniak made her film debut on Spielberg’s E.T. The blue-eyed beauty modeled for Playboy and other popular publications, scoring her big TV break on the TV series Baywatch.

She suffered through a lot in life, and one such challenge included a miscarriage which drove her to depression and alcohol abuse, costing her so much more of her investments. We don’t know if Eleniak chose to seek help at an alcohol rehab facility or not, but we can be certain that her timeless looks have not at all faded with the passage of time. Her beauty still receives credits.


Ann-Margret Olsson was born April 28, 1941, she is a Swedish-American actress, singer, and dancer. Ann Margret Olsson began performing in 1961. She achieved minor success in 1961, and won a record album in 1964, and achieved a high score for disco in 1979. She recorded the critically acclaimed gospel album in 2001 and the Christmas song album in 2004. The Swedish-American celebrity signed on with 20th Century Fox, which we guarantee helped her garner some credit score.

She appeared in the 1962 movie musical State Fair and continued to appear in other films as the “bad girl”, even though she’d audition for the “good girl” parts. She turned down those roles since she looked too sultry and wanted something closer to her personality. Now 76 years old, Olsson is still a classy vixen. She probably always looks great because of her healthy diet and regular exercise.


Elizabeth Alice MacGraw was born in Pound Ridge, New York, she is an American actress. She may be born in 1939 as Elizabeth Alice MacGraw, but the actress went by Ali MacGraw. She started acting in the late ‘60s, making her acting debut in the film Goodbye, Columbus where she quickly earned many credits and worldwide fame. She later starred in the romantic drama movie Love Story where she surprised her harshest critics with her captivating performance which even earned her an Oscar nomination.

With so much money, MacGraw probably needs a financial adviser. She may be nearly eight decades old, but she still looks radiant despite a few facial lines. After McGraw became a devotee of Hatha Yoga in her early 50s, she co-produced yoga videos with American yoga master Erich Schiffmann. The impact of this popular video was so great that in June 2007.


Tina Turner was born on November 26, 1939, she is an American-born Swiss singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Tina Turner rose to prominence as part of the Ike& Tina Turner Revue. Later, she built her own successful personal career. She was named queen of Rock and roll and sold 100 million records, making her one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. This is thanks to all the producers who put money into her songs.

She is known for her dynamic stage performances and powerful voice. In 1988, she held the Guinness World Records as the highest-paid audience for a solo performer. Turner is often praised as “The Queen of Rock and Roll” in the media. She is known for her “swagger, sensuality, gravelly vocals and unstoppable energy”. And her professional longevity and legs got a compliment from the public.


Katharine Juliet Ross was born on January 29, 1940, she is an American film, stage, and television actress. She attended Santa Rosa Junior College for a year and was introduced to acting through the performance of “The King and I”. She dropped out of school and moved to San Francisco to learn acting. We’re certain that Katherine Ross’s perfect smile and beauty are just too memorable to forget.

The talented actress has been credited for her acting skills which were on full display back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. On top of her impressive portfolio of achievements, she had also made appearances in a couple of the best films of the late ‘60s that included The Stepford Wives, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Graduate. Ross continues to act to this day and has also become a published author who would write children’s tales. She surely has a great credit score with her successful career.


Karen Trust Grassle was born on February 25, 1942, she is an American actress. During teenager time, she studied ballet, performed in school, and sang in the Baptist choir. Karen Grassle was the vice-chairman of the student body in senior high school. She studied at the University of California, Berkeley. She received a bachelor’s degree in English and Dramatic Arts in 1965. Karen Grassle is another Little House on the Prairie alumna who appeared on the show in the role of Charles Ingalls’ wife Caroline.

The popular actress allowed her career to be defined by the degree of screen-time that she got on a series. To this day, Grassle continues her career in acting; just the year before, she made an appearance in the horror film Lasso. One small-time practice that she has since incorporated into her daily routine especially now in her mid-’70s includes the routine maintenance of an ideal skin condition.


Agnetha Fältskog was born in the Swedish town of Jonkoping on April 5, 1950. She was born with musical talent. She sang and danced at a young age and took piano lessons and singing as a teenager. After she finished high school, she worked as a telephone student for a car company. She found her fame not only as a member of the popular Swedish pop band ABBA but also as a solo performer who put out an album in 1968, credits to her angelic and distinct voice.

The same year that she released her solo album, the light-haired singer began dating her ABBA groupmate Björn Ulvaeus as well as two other members of the hit group. Right after ABBA finished their tour, Fältskog returned to the stage in 2013 as a solo artist, following her comeback with a new album. She must probably have a great financial degree.


Anni-Frid Lyngstad was born on November 15, 1945, in Ballangen, Norway, another member of the popular Swedish pop singer ABBA. She began her first career as a jazz singer in 1967 with a talent contest called “New Faces.” Compared with her companion Agnetha Fältskog, she suffered from stage fright. After ABBA broke up, she went On to an international solo career and enjoyed phenomenal success, releasing Something’s Going On and Shine, both of which were huge hits.

The singer produced her first solo album Frida together with her then-fiance, and it garnered many credits. In 1972 though, some unforeseen circumstances found her going on her own tours by herself, but she did not mind working on her tours all alone. Now 72 years old, Lyngstad’s face bears lines when she grins. This year, she surprised the world with an ABBA song cover duet with trumpeter Sandoval Arturo which proved to be a worthy investment.


Barbara Minty was born in Seattle, Washington, on June 11, 1953, and grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, for several years. Barbara Minty is the third spouse and widow of Steve McQueen. McQueen met Mindy through an advertisement and asked his agent to set up a meeting with her. A few months later, they were married, a marriage that lasted until McQueen’s death. She wrote a book about their time together, Steve McQueen – The Last Mile.

The former model may be in her mid-60s, but she still has the most perfect set of teeth, with timeless beauty and a charming smile to boot. She probably spent a sizable amount of her own investments on cosmetics. The late actor actually found her in an ad, and we should give credit to her eye-catching appearance for convincing him to meet her in person, tying the knot soon after. Minty was once a model whose looks caught everyone’s eye.


Betty Brosmer is the supermodel in the 1950 s, her classic sunshine smile, American-style blonde with Marilyn Monroe, and exquisite shape is unique, at the time the United States and around the world to blow up a model, can be said to be the supermodel, founder of the first generation, posters of her is also a collection of popular products, Betty Brosmer beauty also gave us a wonderful memory! She was about 5ft 5in tall when she started her physical training and was petite.

The bodybuilder discovered her gift and passion for athletics early on, and her God-given physical dexterity caught the attention of the Sears, Roebuck and Company catalog for whom she modeled at the tender age of 13. She started a long-term investment stemming from her modeling career which then came to an end when she got married in 1961. This particular development helped Brosmer land on the pages of many publications focusing on fitness, owing credits to her work penning guides on health and fitness.


British Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted that his first celebrity obsession as a teenager was with American supermodel Sherore Tiggs, and has plastered posters of her sexy swimsuit on his bedroom wall. Her representative works include Never Stop: The Story of David Cox, etc. Only a handful of models around the world can be counted as worthy investments. Even in that small handful, no one managed to achieve the same level of success as Cheryl Tiegs.

In 1978, the first American supermodel’s pink bikini photo became one of the defining signs of the 70s and is until today considered an important pop culture mainstay that has since characterized that particular decade. She also tried her hand at fashion design. In Deepak Chopra’s program Renewal: A Time for You, Tiegs became a spokesperson, since she probably always advocated for a healthy lifestyle.


Alanis Nadine Morisette was a Canadian rock ‘n’ roll superstar in the mid-1990s and remains one of the most iconic figures among Canadian female singers. Alanis Morissette has had a stellar career since she was a child, but she has always been a talented performer who has broken through many changes, and has been successful every time, eventually becoming one of the most successful female rock singers in music.

The Canadian-American singer reportedly suffered through a handful of issues regarding her emotional wellness while she was much younger, triggering an eating disorder as she got older. She has since been rehabilitated from her disorder and is now on her way to a life of healthy living. Morrissette had once been cheated by her manager and found out about his fraudulent scheme – that’s why it’s best if rich people have a trustworthy financial advisor.


Raquel Welch began her career as a “beauty pageant” and entered Hollywood in 1963. In 1966, the sci-fi epic “One Million Years BC” became Hollywood’s most sought-after cover girl, with her wild Leona in a beige animal-skin bikini. Her other credits also include “A House Is Not A Home”, “Do Not Disturb”, “The Biggest Bundle of Them All” and “How to Be A Latin Lover”. Many people tend to associate Raquel Welch with cosmetic surgery since this particular practice renders most patients’ faces with little expression.

But the actress has refuted this presumption countless times. She claims the reason behind her facial expression is not some operation but is instead Bag Balm, which is an ointment brand that farmers use on their own cattle. Welch has enough financial means in her credit cards to pay for the aforementioned brand which allegedly helps repair and moisturize skin overnight to help maintain its condition.


Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an American actress, director, producer, and philanthropist who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 1990, she made her TV debut in Molloy. Aniston shot to international fame as Rachel Green in the TV sitcom Friends, for which she won a Primetime Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Motion Picture Actors Guild award.

The character was so popular that it has been described as one of the greatest female characters in American television history. On September 8, 2014, she served as producer and starred in the premiere of cake, a drama film for which she was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. “The Morning Show” premiered on November 1, 2019, winning The award for Best Actress in a TELEVISION Drama series at The 26th ANNUAL SCREEN Actors Guild Awards.


Jennifer Lopez was born in New York on July 24, 1969, and is an American singer, actor, producer, fashion designer, and businessman. Jennifer Lopez was best known for her debut film my Little Girl in 1986, in which she played troubled teen Maya. Jennifer Lopez seemingly stopped getting any older by the time she turned 25, and many people have become curious as to how she did it.

Certain questionable reports have gone around claiming her insurance companies’ condition to have her posterior enhanced, but the Latina singer has since revealed her self-care routine which clearly requires perseverance and day-to-day dedication. She recommends waking up early, exercising daily, exfoliating with glycolic acid, consuming enough protein, resting adequately each night, moisturizing according to your skin type, drinking water, and consuming a ton of vegetables. Lopez bears a considerable fortune and has maintained several investments.


Dennis Austin was born on February 13, 1957, in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. She is an American fitness instructor, writer, and columnist and a former member of the President’s Council on Physical Activity and Fitness. She’s already 61 years old now, but she knows not to skimp on her fitness venture which is a good investment. This fitness enthusiast knows how to keep her head above water to avoid bankruptcy.

Despite her age, she could be easily mistaken for being much younger. The former member of the USA’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports is a health specialist and gymnast who earned her bachelor’s degree in physical training with exercise physiology from California State University. Over the years, the Pilates for Every Body instructor has taught classes, taped exercise segments, and lectured on physical activity and fitness.


Joan Collins was born on 23 May 1933 in Paddington, London, and grew up in Mandeville. She made her stage debut at the age of nine, entered British cinema in 1951, signed with 20th Century Fox, and moved to Hollywood in 1955. If you’ve seen the new Dynasty soap opera reboot on Netflix, you might be surprised to know that Dame Joan Henrietta Collins was one of the show’s leading ladies during its original run back in the late 1980s.

The English actress may be over eight decades old, but she managed to maintain her looks over the years by reportedly keeping her skin away from any direct contact with the sun’s glare. Her current financial situation has kept her far from any risk of bankruptcy, and she has expressed a preference to pay for whatever she wants with her credit cards.


Justine Bateman, born February 19, 1966, in Rye, New York, is an American actress, author, director, and producer. Her representative works include family relations, satisfaction, men behaving badly, television, desperate housewives, and California. She struggled to work towards her degree, but since she signed a contract to appear in the show Family Ties, she had no choice but to let go of her education. The show also earned her two Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

The actress eventually managed to gain control over her life in 2016 and finally continued her studies at UCLA. With such an amazing personality, Bateman made a name for herself as a performing artist, an author, producer, and director, and she built herself up as her own investment. Her comedy short Five Minutes was a popular choice at many film festivals where she earned much praise from critics.


Susan Sullivan became a household name for appearing in TV shows like Castle and Falcon Crest. The actress went to Freeport High School before claiming her degree from Hofstra University. Sullivan completed her degree at Hofstra University with a theater scholarship and later landed a role in The Broadway play Jimmy Shin, and has since appeared in off-Broadway plays The Beauty Part, The Fourth Wall, and Buffalo Gal.

She became famous for appearing in the Broadway play Jimmy Shine before signing on with Universal Studios in 1969, paving the way to a lucrative career that’s lasted until now in her mid-70s. Sullivan soon learned to keep her skin wrinkle-free so that she still looks good when on the TV show The Kominsky Method. Being worth over $5 million, her good investment planning can keep her healthy skin and prevent bankruptcy.


Elizabeth Hurley was born on June 10, 1965, in Hampshire, England. She is an English actress and producer. In 1997, she starred in the action-adventure comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, for which she won Best Supporting Actress of the Year at ShoWest. If Elizabeth Hurley ever offered you advice on anti-aging, she’ll tell you that it’s what’s on the inside that counts and that you should feel as good on the outside as you feel inside.

She also owes credit to lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, resting, getting sufficient exercise, and reducing toxic consumption, all of which she has applied to her own life. With one good look at her own appearance, you might want to follow her advice because it has brought much good into her life. She should start an online class for her beauty regimen tips.


Meredith Baxter was born on June 21, 1947, in South Pasadena, California. Her kind and genuine smile had the power to capture the hearts of her many fans despite being in her early 70s. Joining the cast of the TV sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie served to be the big break that the actress needed to launch her career, later appearing on the drama series Family and then on the sitcom Family Ties.

The show made her widely known, and she was nominated for many awards and Emmy Awards for her acting skills. She received several awards and nominations from the Emmys for her acting. Baxter had also appeared in films like the film All The President’s Men. Her lucrative progress as an actress has hugely contributed to her insurance and investment. Baxter was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. She received treatment and has since made a full recovery.


Abby Dalton was born on August 15, 1932, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in sitcoms Like Henner and Bishop Joy, and for her role in the primetime soap opera Falcon Top. She started her career in the industry late as a woman in her middle ages and was eventually cast as the leading lady for the 1957 film All Night.

The actress soon switched to TV work and gathered an impressive portfolio on that platform. Throughout her entire career, she became a regular cast member on the sitcoms Hennesey and The Joey Bishop Show as well as on the primetime TV soap opera Falcon Crest. With a good financial advisor by her side and proper money management in her arsenal, we pray she’s now financially content since her retirement in 2008.


Kathleen Kinmont was born On Feb. 3, 1965, in Los Angeles, California. Kathleen Kinmont probably didn’t think of finding success as a horror film star, but she gained popularity for appearing in horror movies, especially in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. In 1989, she married her old friend Lorenzo Lamas, whom she had known for 11 years, and they divorced in 1993.

She later married actors Jere Burns and Doug Swander. Now she is five decades old, the actress appeared in the film Do Not Be Deceived. She rarely hides her gorgeous face with cosmetics, which could probably be why she’s a fan favorite of the genre, she can put up a show to gain empathy from passersby. Kinmont currently manages a small business of teaching restorative yoga through online classes on YouTube and through DVD sales.


Rachel Ward is an Australian actress, film director, television director, and screenwriter born in The United Kingdom. Rachel Ward became a supermodel at the age of 16. In 81, she broke into Hollywood and became the heroine of “A Brave Hero”. In 1987, she won the Best Actress award in the main competition of the 2nd Tokyo International Film Festival. She has notably graced the pages of famous publications like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Harper’s Queen.

The Australian actress hailing from the United Kingdom also scored roles in action-thriller films like Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and Sharky’s Machine, but she first got her big break starring alongside Richard Chamberlain in the TV mini-series The Thorn Birds. She managed to debut her directorial film at a world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival. With so much left to give to the world, she won’t be retiring soon, but if she did, she probably won’t have to worry about bankruptcy.


Patty Boyd is a British model and photographer. She is best known for her British looks and for her marriage to Lead Beatles guitarist George Harrison, who met Betty Boyd on the set of the film A Hard Day’s Night, but they split up in 1977 with the help of a divorce lawyer. Betty was the inspiration for Harrison’s best work, “Something.” George told Betty that “Something” was made for her. However, after Betty left him, George denied that She was his goddess.

The English model had also married musician Eric Clapton who just so happened to be Harrison’s friend, but the new couple also split up later towards the end of the 1980s. Both musicians have produced many excellent works for her. Soon after that end, she began to go out with property developer Rod Weston, and the pair eventually married in 2015. In August 2007, her Harrison and Clapton photographs, called “The Eye of the Muse,” were widely exhibited.


Elizabeth Shue was born on October 6, 1963, in Wilmington, Delaware to a wealthy and well-educated family. He studied law at Harvard And later at Wesleyan Women’s University. In college, Elizabeth often appeared in commercial TV shows to earn some pocket money, was eventually discovered by a talent scout, and entered the movie business in 1983. She deserves credit for committing to the success of classic films like The Karate Kid, Back to the Future Part II, and Back to the Future Part III.

The actress also took home several accolades from the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and the BAFTAs. We don’t think that she will ever find herself in bankruptcy since she has managed to maintain a rather steady streamline of work in the entertainment industry. Shue has recently made an appearance in the 2018 movie Death Wish and is keeping herself busy by being on set to tape for yet another project.


Stockard Chaining began acting in the early 70s on many TV series and movies, but she soon received credits for her roles in The Matthew Shepard Story, Grease, and The West Wing. Due to her array of skills, she bagged several awards and nominations over the years. She was nominated for 13 Primetime Emmy Awards and seven Tony Awards and won a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 1985.

The show won an Emmy for reviving Joe Iger’s death on Broadway and also won a West Wing Emmy. Now in her 70s, Chaining does not necessarily need cosmetics to make her look good as she still looks amazing. Even though she hired four divorce attorneys to end four marriages in the past, she’s been relatively happy with Daniel Gillham. We hope this one would last for good.


Salma Hayek is a Mexican actress and producer. In 2002, she was known to the audience for her leading role in the biopic Frida and was nominated for the Best Actress at the 75th Academy Awards and the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama at the 60th Golden Globe Awards. She is lucky to be married to a billionaire who has investments worth over $20 billion. The Frida leading lady is just drop-dead gorgeous to a degree, making us all only dream of being her.

Such a dream obviously can’t come true, but we can at least try her fresh skincare practices which she has since revealed in an interview with the New York Times. She recommends cleansing one’s face every night before going to bed which should be enough facial care for the next 24 hours. Hayek’s credit card can buy her anything, but she prefers coconut oil as well.


Lori Petty was born on October 14, 1963, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She first worked as a graphic designer in Omaha, Nebraska, for a few years before taking up acting. Her major works include Orange Is the New Black, Prison Break, Tank Girl, Free Willy, The Poker House, and In the Army Now, etc. She’s already 54 years old, but she hardly looks like it. We could probably credit her good looks on a healthy diet plan or pricey cosmetic products, the reason could maybe even count both.

The actress became a household name thanks to her appearance in the 1995 sci-fi parody movie Tank Girl and has since kept herself busy by learning new things. Some of her more recent projects include Hawaii Five-O, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, and a Robot Chicken cameo. She once had to face charges of driving without proof of insurance before her attorney helped settle things.


Eileen Davidson was born on June 15, 1959, in California, USA. She is an actress whose major works include Sorority Psycho and Youth Trek. Davidson began her career as a model in Mexico City and California, and because of excellent qualifications, her roommate suggested that she take acting classes, so she began training at the Staircase Theater. She may be just the fabled jack-of-all-trades who has also managed to master them all.

The actress, reality star, and former model has made a number of worthy investments. She may have found her fame appearing in TV soap operas like Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless, but she has also made headlines for being cast in the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2014. With a periodic income of a quarter of $1 million, Davidson doesn’t need a personal loan. The show The Young and the Restless made her a tribute.


Caroline, Princess Hanover, princess Marguerite Grimaldi of Monaco, is Marguerite Louise Grimaldi. She was born on January 23, 1957, the eldest daughter of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. Caroline is fond of reading, smart and competent, willing to make a public appearance in public undertakings, and enthusiastic about the cause of the children’s welfare fund. Under her advocacy, the World Federation of Friends of Children has expanded its influence and set up branches in many countries and regions around the world.

The deceased actress’ daughter is already 61 years old, but her timeless beauty makes her age hard to believe. Her good looks are all thanks to meticulous self-care which she couples with several anti-aging cosmetic goods. She had two hire a divorce lawyer twice and has birthed three children from her second marriage. Caroline’s been married to Prince Ernst August of Hanover since 1999, and they are now proud parents of their firstborn daughter.


Linda Hamilton was born on September 26, 1956, in Maryland, USA. She became famous for playing Sarah Connor in the dystopian film The Terminator. Linda Hamilton is also the fourth wife of world-renowned director James Cameron. In July 1997, after a long courtship, they finally married, but the marriage lasted only 18 months and ended in 1999. The actress was determined to be suffering from bipolar disorder and had since been undergoing treatment for her affliction.

Because of her health insurance, she got to sign up for therapy sessions to keep her mental illness in check so that she could learn to handle her emotions and resume her normal life. Being a mother and a role model to her children has kept Hamilton motivated to continue getting treated for her disorder. Her previous active film work has probably helped her earn a good credit score.


Niki Taylor is an American supermodel and television presenter who was photographed on Miami Beach in 1991 wearing a bright-orange one-piece swimming costume and long lemon green gloves. She was named ‘Most Beautiful Person’ by People magazine, making Taylor the youngest person ever at the age of 16. The modeling industry may be notoriously strict and rather judgmental of older models who might resort to rigorous and sometimes dangerous anti-aging cosmetic methods just to keep looking young.

However, Niki Taylor is an exception since she still gets credit for her one-of-a-kind raw beauty in her more mature age. The model recently made headlines for her latest work in 2016 with fashion publications like Harper’s Bazaar and both American and British versions of Vogue. She currently holds a fortune worth $18 million which she can probably credit to employing a great financial advisor and a number of impressive investments.


Sharon Gless found fame in her portrayal of the simple-minded receptionist Maggie Philbin on the detective series Switch as well as that of Sgt. Christine Cagney in the police procedural show Cagney & Lacey. “Angels fly because they see themselves as light.” These were the words she wrote on the wall of her dressing room during the filming of “Cagney & Lacey”. She gained a lot of teenage fans because of this TV series.

The actress’s lucrative career in acting has awarded her with several Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Her good looks have brought her great fortune in the form of many investments and a good credit score. Gless may be much older and closer to official retirement, but she continues to appear in films in cameo roles. She recently appeared in the TV series The Gifted and Casualty.


Britt Ekland was born in Britt-Marie Eklund, Stockholm, Sweden on October 6, 1942. She is a Swedish actress and singer. She gained popularity when she became a leading lady in the James Bond film installment The Man with the Golden Gun. Her high-profile social life and marriage to actor Peter Sellers in 1964 caused widespread media attention, making her one of the most photographed celebrities in the world in the 1970s.

The actress is quite the stunner, but her two front teeth and her dimorphic figure brought about by childhood obesity have brought her self-esteem down every now and then. She never really liked the results of her plastic surgery operations which she thought would keep her looking young, but instead, they instead wreaked havoc on her once gorgeous face. Despite her cosmetic mishaps, she has not found herself on the brink of bankruptcy nor with a bad credit score.


Tanya Roberts (Born 15 October 1955 in New York) is an American actress. She was also a bond girl who portrayed the international spy’s leading lady in the James Bond film installment A View to a Kill. By the age of 17, she had become an excellent advertising model and had appeared in a number of commercials. The actress had also made appearances in the sitcom That 70s Show as well as in the film The Beastmaster.

Her other signature works include The Yum Yum Girls, Queen of The Jungle, Purgatory, Inner Sanctum, etc. She mentioned later that her performance in the aforementioned James Bond film limited her opportunity window since it made her appear “shallow and pretty”.  In truth, Roberts does look great for someone in her 60s, probably because of her investments in an amazing skincare routine.


Björk is widely recognized for her one-of-a-kind show-stopping musical pizzazz which is a wondrous mix of classical, IDM, electronic, downtempo, and pop genres. She has touched many worlds in the entertainment industry as a recording artist, a DJ, an actress, a songwriter, and a record producer, and this eccentric genius has had his own measure of fame and honor since the age of 16. As a teenager, Bjork was influenced by punk rock.

At 14, she formed the all-female punk band Spit and Snot. But it was The Sugarcubes that she poured her most into. The all-around performer has released many albums under her credit, but she fears her possible failure to exchange ideas with and connect with people from various walks of life. Björk is already five decades old now, but she’s still a charmer with piercing eyes framed by her luscious mane.


Denise Richards was born on February 17, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois. She is a Bond girl who was cast in the James Bond movie installment The World is Not Enough. She has starred in a number of films, including Star Power, Plays Kill, and Cross the World. Before becoming an actress, Denise was signed to a modeling agency for a short time.

The former model is blessed with wonderful hourglass curves which she would show off in rather flashy clothing, especially when she was hired to portray more sultry characters. Her exceptionally fit figure and her own perseverance to keep it that way could be thanks to regular exercise and an intense diet plan. but Richards’ glowing and beautiful face may also be the result of plastic surgery. Thanks to many business contracts, investments, and a great credit score, she’s now worth $12 million.


Born in Hackney, London, on 29 March 1955, Marina Surtees is an Anglo-American actress. She appeared on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sirtis began her career as a member of the theatre company Noor Theatre, Worthing, West Sussex. The English-American actress’ strong support for animal rights may be driven by her own vegetarian lifestyle. Sirtis suffered from an eating disorder, which arose from the trauma of the attack.

After 20 years with the disease, she began treatment in the 1990s, was able to manage the trauma, and learned to eat healthily. One of her most difficult moments in life included her battle against breast cancer. Sirtis has shown some personal regrets throughout her life as well, mostly counting the two cosmetic procedures she went through. She probably employed proper money management, so we pray that she’s living the good life now that she’s officially retired at the age of 63.


Diana Rigg was born in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, on 20 July 1938. In 1994, Diana Rigg was made a Dame by the Queen of England for her contributions to drama and film. Dame Diana Rigg was once a Bond girl who has since gained international acclaim for playing the sassy Queen Olenna Tyrell in the fantasy series Game of Thrones. She has appeared in the TV series The Avengers and has also had roles in films such as James Bond’s Queen’s Quest, Adventure of the Mind, and Rebecca.

The English actress reportedly developed an addiction to smoking after having two failed marriages! She had allegedly suffered cardiac arrest recently in the middle of an operation. Rigg has not yet announced any hints at retirement and is still raking in a ton of money from her career. With proper money management skills, she is just far from finding herself filing for bankruptcy.


Linda Carter was born on July 24, 1951, in Phoenix, Arizona. She is an American actress. Linda rose to fame in 1975 when she starred as Wonder Woman Diana Prince in the DC Comics TV series adaptation of the same name. Her sculpted cheekbones make her look young. Her sculpted cheekbones have kept her looking young; a good facial contour has only complimented her face shape and maintained her youthfulness.

Now that the actress is 66 years old, she still has a rather cherubic appearance. Several tabloids have claimed that Carter had her chin adjusted, but since these same small publications could not even reveal any trustworthy sources, this claim has been dismissed as mere gossip. She does, however, promote the use of sunscreen especially for older people. It seems to be a worthy investment for those who want to age gracefully.


Amal Clooney is a British and Lebanese lawyer, activist, and author. She worked as a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, specializing in international law, criminal law, human rights law, and extradition Law. Hollywood actor George Clooney, 53, married Amal, 36, in a ceremony in Venice, Italy, on September 27, 2014. The Grand Canal Hotel in Oman, where the reception is held, is even more luxurious and classy, costing up to 3,200 pounds a night.

Although her engagement and marriage to George Clooney attracted a lot of attention, she established her personal style as an internationally renowned human rights lawyer long before meeting her husband. Amal, who has been praised for her looks like Anne Hathaway, is considered the ‘most beautiful female lawyer in the UK’. As the new Mrs. Clooney, she blends frolic and professionalism to perfection on any occasion.


Didi Conn was born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 13, 1951. “Didi” was her childhood nickname. She was married twice, first to Frank “Frankie” Conn in 1975, but they divorced in 1978. She married composer David Shire again in 1982. Conn’s adopted son, Daniel, has been diagnosed with autism, and she has served as national Celebrity Spokesperson for Autism Speaks and spokesperson for the National Alliance for Autism Research.

She once appeared in the blockbuster film Grease and the sitcom Benson, but she never fails to astound her devotees with her timeless beauty even now that she’s six decades old! The actress has never gone under the knife for her looks, perfectly embodying just how far physical fitness and the right diet can boost anyone’s physical and emotional well-being. She was wed in 1975 to Frank Cohn, but they eventually hired a divorce lawyer in 1978. Conn eventually married David Shire with whom she has a son.


Jill St. John, born August 19, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, is an American actress. She was a Bond girl who starred in the James Bond film installment Diamonds Are Forever. She started out as a ballet dancer and is said to have a high IQ of 162. During Hollywood’s heyday, she was known for her high-profile social life and frequent romantic relationships with well-known public figures.

The actress quickly signed off from the entertainment industry and made herself an investment in the world of food and cooking. She is also managing the sweater venture and has since participated in a number of outdoor activities which have all kept her rather busy and probably granted her a good credit score. St. John may be nearing her octogenarian status, but we are certain that she would utilize high-quality anti-aging creams to keep her looking as young as she is beautiful.


Beverly D’Angelo was born on November 15, 1951, in Columbus, Ohio, and is an African American and singer. She has starred in more than 60 movies in her life, and because of her role in “The Miner’s Daughter”, she also played the role of Stella Kowalski in the movie “Famous Streetcar”, and won Nominated for Emmy Awards.

She has struggled through a number of dilemmas throughout her life, some of which would include her divorce from Al Pacino and her birthing of twins at nearly half a century old. When the movie personality split up from her film contemporary, she hired an attorney to help her figure out the arrangement of their children’s custody. For her professional career, she landed roles in the movies Coal Miner’s Daughter and National Lampoon Vacation. D’Angelo is already 66 years old, but she still looks young.


Maud Adams was born on February 12, 1945, in Lulea, Boreal, Sweden. She was an American film actress. She was the 13th Bond Girl and made appearances in the James Bond movie installments Octopussy and The Man with the Golden Gun. Her other films include Christian’s Licorice Shop and The Girl in the Blue Coat.

A reliable source close to the Swedish actress claimed that the latter could, fortunately, eat whatever she wants as much as she wants and still not gain a massive amount of weight. She is 73 years old now, but she still looks rather young and is quite active. Adams hasn’t really made a lot of noise in recent headlines, and we’re quite certain that she has no issues with any form of insurance or some loans which she doesn’t seem to need.


Dawn French was born on 11 October 1957 in Holyhead, Wales, and is a successful writer, actor, comedian, and presenter. Her devotees have been members of her fanbase since her TV debut back in the 1980s. The personality’s charming beauty has made people curious over how she’s kept her face so perfect throughout all these years. French claims that her confidence and confidence came from her father, who told her that she looked beautiful every day.

When asked by an interviewer regarding her skincare regimen, French answered that she only uses “Nivea moisturizer”. Besides her beautiful face, she actively participates in physical fitness to preserve her weight after she turned 50 years old. She currently has a net worth of $10 million, which shows how she’s far from bankruptcy, especially if it’s coupled with smart money management techniques.


Elizabeth Perkins was born November 18, 1960, in Queens, New York, is a versatile performer who has managed to garner a number of accolades for her many movies and TV performances throughout the years of her career. Perkins got his first major film role and didn’t make much of an impact on the film adaptation of Sexual Perversity in Chicago, which was later made by Demi Moore into About Last Night.

But Perkins’ biggest hit was “The Flintstones,” in which she played Wilma. The multi-talented actress was sadly determined to be suffering from diabetes in 2005, becoming a prominent advocate of spreading awareness on the illness. Thanks to the endless stream of support that she received from her family, she has followed a rather peaceful way of life and has managed to avoid bankruptcy and other problems that some celebrities deal with.


Samantha Fox was born on 15 April 1966 in New York, USA. She is an English dance-pop singer, actress, and model. She started to work when her mother submitted pictures of her to a modeling go-see where she later won a four-year deal with the British newspaper The Sun, regularly appearing on the newspaper’s third page.

The former model would find renown as a topless model until 1986 when she signed off from modeling to start a career as a professional musician. She soon became one of the most popular hot girls of her time. In 1988, Fox was nominated for Best British Female Artist. She participated in a number of reality TV shows like Celebrity Wife Swap. Fox has dealt her hand with a number of business ventures and investments that have contributed to her net worth amounting to over $20 million.


Shannon Tweed was born March 10, 1957, in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, is an actor and producer. She was named Playboy’s Companion of the Year in 1982. She became famous for her film performances which often captivate viewers as though she’s directly conversing with them. Her major publications include ‘Of Unknown Origin,’ ‘Steele Justice,’ ‘Code Name Vengeance,’ ‘Lethal Woman,’ ‘The Naked Truth’ and ‘Indecent Behavior.’

The B-movie star married KISS frontman Gene Simmons back in 2011, and the pair have been living happily together with their two children. Her whole family has even starred in their reality TV show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels. Tweed is roughly six decades old with a career close to retirement, but she still embodies healthy well-being and fitness. She’s made many investments and managed ventures that have all contributed to her $22-million fortune.


Heather Kozar Heather Cozza was born May 4, 1976, in Akron, Ohio. She grew up in Green, Ohio, and graduated from Green High School in 1994. She once held the highly coveted honor of being Playboy Magazine’s “Playmate of the Month” back in January 1998 and was eventually recognized as “Playmate of the Year” the following year. Kosar is married to former Cleveland Brown quarterback Tim Couch. She used to date former NFL quarterback Cade McNown.

Her career does not seem to have blazed the trail for the next generation of models like her other model contemporaries did despite her beauty coupled with her investment to have flawless skin. With looks like her, everyone has to wonder why Kozar hardly ever caught as much attention as the other models easily managed to do so.


Donna Jean Mills was born Donna Jean Miller in Chicago on December 11, 1940. The actress joined the entertainment industry in the mid-1960s and continues to work actively to this day. Mills’ television career began in 1966 when she starred in The role of Rocket on CBS’s daytime soap “The Secret Storm.” That same year, she appeared in Woody Allen’s Broadway comedy “Don’t Drink Water,” playing Bashir’s wife, Sultan.

She was one of the stars of the movie “Best Mom” and appeared in 22 episodes of the TV series “Hilton Head Island.” She may be in her late 80s, but she seems to be able to maintain a youthful appearance at this age, and no one knows if this is due to her personality or genes. Mills leads a carefree life, with no risk of bankruptcy or bad credit reports.


Angie Bowie was born in Cyprus on September 25, 1949. She is an American model, actress, and journalist. She was once the wife of legendary musician David Bowie, who died in 2016, and they made a huge contribution to rock and fashion culture in the 1970s. The pair were together for nine years and even became parents to the BAFTA-worthy film director Duncan Jones. After nine years of marriage, Angie and David Bowie separated and divorced in Switzerland on February 8, 1980.

The all-around entertainer recently appeared on the reality show Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, leaving halfway through the taping of the show because of medical issues; her decision to appear on the show was made a few days after her late husband’s death, so that may or may not have influenced her choice to quit. But no worries, Angie’s probably secured herself with great home insurance and have zero loans.


Born on January 31, 1959, in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Kelly Lynch is an American actress and model. She found her place under the glaring spotlight after her performance in the 1988 movie Cocktail. The stunning actress starred alongside the late 80s heartthrob Patrick Swayze in the action movie Road House and continued to work on several other movies after.

She was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for best actress for her role in Gus Van Sant’s crime drama “Drugstore Cowboy.” She turned down the part of the villainous novelist Catherine Tramell in the erotic thriller film Basic Instinct to pursue other projects. Lynch doesn’t seem to age despite nearing her 60s. She’s the wife of producer Mitch Glazer, with whom she has a daughter. She’s probably made her own investments and has a great credit report.


Gina Gerson was born on June 10, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an American actress and singer of French, Russian and Dutch descent. She found fame for her performances in the movies Showgirls, Bound, and House of Versace. The character actress’s TV work includes cameo appearances on shows like Glee and Ugly Betty where she portrayed Wilhelmina’s rival, Fabia.

She and her sibling together wrote the children’s book Camp Creepy Time. By 2012, Gina published her next book In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Kitty and Lost My Mind. She’s in her 50s, but she’s still incredibly sexy and loved by the world. She recently revealed her skincare routine secret in an interview, pointing out her use of only one skincare product for her skin. She currently lives modestly and is probably great at money management.


Debbie Harry is an American singer and actress best known for being the lead singer of punk rock and the new wave of Blondie bands. She also had success as a solo artist in the mid-1990s when she recorded and performed with jazz passengers. Her acting career spanned more than 30 film roles and numerous television appearances. She has largely contributed to the flooring of the world-renowned group Blondie which started to receive accolades by the late 70s through to the 90s after a brief rebound.

The singer-songwriter may already be over seven decades old, but she has managed to maintain a modest skincare regimen since she often appears to be rather active. She came out of the closet in 2014, revealing her attraction to both women and men. She has a high net worth which is probably a result of smart investment planning and a good financial advisor. She’s now a social advocate who’d donate to humanitarian causes fighting HIV and cancer.


Barbra Streisand was born on April 24, 1942, in Brooklyn, New York. She is an American singer, actress, director, and producer. She has received a variety of accolades throughout her career, from an Emmy to a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, and a Peabody award. In 2001, she received the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2008, she received a lifetime achievement award at the 31st Kennedy Center Honors.

The pop culture icon’s work as an actress and a musician has spanned a number of decades, and her career continues to peak. Her talents have helped her stand out from most celebrities in the industry. Streisand’s made enough money to place several investments and probably requires a financial advisor to help handle her finances. She’s never been confident about her appearance, but she’d never go for plastic surgery. The 75-year-old star still looks amazing.


Meredith Monroe may be nearly half a century old, but she has managed to preserve her distinctive beautiful, and slender figure throughout all these years. The actress found herself in the public eye for her performance in the teen drama series Dawson’s Creek. It’s worth noting that she was 29 when she played 16-year-old Andie in season 2.

She is also widely known for her role as Hailey Hotchner in Criminal Minds, the wife of Aaron Hotchner in the main character. She is an active proponent of regular visits to the dermatologist since she is confident that an awesome skincare regimen can be a great big help to anyone in any way possible. Monroe obviously has more than enough in her credit card to cover her rather pricey visits to her dermatologist and her seemingly meticulous skin care practices.


Jane Fonda seems to have mastered the art of social activism, acting, modeling, and physical fitness. She won the Best Actress Award at the 44th Academy Awards in 1971 for her role in the thriller ”Klute.”In 1978 she again won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Sally in the war film “Coming Home.” The versatile personality has a look that has seemingly defied many years.

She may be currently revamping herself through her starring role in the comedy series Grace and Frankie, but she hasn’t failed to become the apple of the male’s eye. Fonda seems to have found love difficult, but it never gave her reason to succumb to drugs or alcohol. The celebrity was once arrested on drug smuggling suspicions, but it seems there was no need for a lawyer since the police found vitamins instead.


Allison Janney was born on November 19, 1959, in Dayton, Ohio. She is an American film and television actress. Jenny is best known for her role as C. J. Cregg in the American TV series The West Wing. For her work in the film, Jenny won four Emmy Awards and was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, one Academy Award nomination, and two Emmy Awards. She turned into a strong proponent against opioid consumption and abuse after she had to live through her own brother’s addiction to the drug and eventual suicide.

The decorated actress had made appearances in TV series like Morton & Hayes, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light. She currently has a net worth amounting to $4 million, so any risk of bankruptcy seems like a rather far-fetched reality for her. Janney had been involved with a number of partners over the years, but she never did settle with any one of them and so has never been married to anyone.


Annette Bening may be nearly six decades old, but her looks continue to defy her age. The famous actress broke into acting with her debut film, The End of Summer, in 1988. In 1990, she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress award at the 63rd Academy Awards for her role in the drama The Thousand Nets. She also once portrayed the leading lady Lady Macbeth for the American Conservatory Theater’s 1984 production of the famous Shakespearean play Macbeth.

She took home several Best Actress awards for her performances in films like American Beauty, Being Julia, and The Kids Are All Right. When Bening’s nonagenarian father suddenly fell ill, she chose to quit the industry so that she could take care of him. With a prolific acting career and probably a brilliant financial advisor, she is able to live comfortably.


Shirley Manson Shirley Manson was born in Edinburgh on 26 August 1966. She is a Scottish singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. She’s the lead singer of Garbage. Garbage, like Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson, is considered the representative name of American Goth today. Garbage, which has also been labeled as dark-pop. She has built up a rather unruly and candid reputation for herself.

The multi-talented performer is adept at both music and acting, but she eventually admitted that she often felt anxious and depressed like so many people out there who constantly battle with such strong emotions. She sympathizes with members of the youth who constantly feel down because of what their respective societies expect from them. Manson has amassed a net worth amounting to $16 million, and if she could manage that money with good investment planning, then she would be able to retire comfortably.


Tewes was born German in Braddock, Pennsylvania, on October 26, 1953. Lauren Tewes continues to glow at the age of 64 without the aid of some anti-aging remedy. Tewes’ first turn came when she appeared in a Lipton iced tea commercial, which led to her joining the Screen Actors Guild and registering with agents who wanted to work on a film project.

The actress got her big break in 1977 when she was cast for the TV series The Love Boat, making her one of the lucky few alumni from the show to have found success after their time on the show. She made her film debut in the 1981 slasher flick Eyes of a Stranger. After Tewes’ retirement from the industry, she started to specialize in cheese and enrolled herself in a school for the culinary arts that unfortunately did not offer any online classes.


Mary Beth Peil Mary Beth Peel was born on June 25, 1940, in Davenport, Iowa. She took on her first stage role in the musical Kiss Me, Kate which sparked her love for Broadway and her drive to perform on it. She returned to Broadway in 1983 and 1987 with performances such as The King and I and Birds of Paradise. The former also earned her a Tony nomination for Best Acting in 1985.

The actress may be nearing her 80s, but she continues to glow with the class and docility of her younger years. She was one of the leading acts in the revival of the classic Broadway musical The King and I and eventually appeared in the movie Jersey Girl in her film debut. Piel can easily make an investment in any surgical procedure, but she would rather age the natural way.


Leann Hunley was born on February 25, 1955, in Fox, Washington, and later attended the University of Washington. She is an American television actress. Her works include The Beverly Hillbillies, Cops n Roberts, Your Guardian, Battlestar Galactica, Blissful Lies, and Hawaii Five-o. The Leann Hunley of today looks so much like the Leann Hunley of decades past, with the notable exception of lines around her eyes and other parts of her face.

The actress was a big star back in the years that she appeared in NBC’s long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives and the ABC daytime series Dynasty. Her appearance on the NBC primetime show happened 21 years after the show’s TV premiere, surfacing periodically from 2007 to 2017. Hunley has many more acting credits largely from the many soap operas that she’s appeared in.


Kelly LeBrock was born on March 24, 1960, in New York, USA. She was only sixteen years old when she decided to try modeling, eventually finding fame by posing for magazines where she was cast to model for the popular Christian Dior fashion house. The former model transitioned to acting in the 80s by making her film debut in the romantic comedy The Woman in Red.

Her acting career dipped for a while, only to come soaring back up in 2015 when she joined the cast of the made-for-television movie A Prince for Christmas. With her successful career, she probably has enough investment money to retire already. She has experienced 3 marriage, “I ‘m more for my family. My family’ s going to be around when the movies aren’t If I don’t build my family, I’m going to be a lonely ‘hot ‘movie star, and I don’t want that.” she said in an interview.


Sean Young is an American actress, model, and dancer. Sean Young became a household name during the 1980s. The actress found fame for her performances in films like Stripes, Blade Runner, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. She spent time in a rehab facility where she learned to overcome her addiction to alcohol, even making a brief stint on the reality rehab show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

She also contributed to the success of the show The Alienist and even reprised her original role in the upcoming Blade Runner sequel Blade Runner 2049. Sean Young once snarled furiously at the Warner Bros. gate to get the role of Catwoman in a shoddy homemade Catwoman costume, hoping to give her a chance to play Catwoman in Batman Returns out of respect. She hasn’t stopped acting to this day, even if she probably won’t have to worry about bankruptcy if she suddenly retired.


Erna Blackman was born on 22 August 1925 in Plaistow, England. She is an English actress. She started acting shortly after World War II. The veteran actress appeared in her very first film Fame Is The Spur, eventually surfacing in other films like The Square Peg, The Virgin, and the Gypsy, and A Night to Remember. Her portrayal of Cathy Gale in the espionage series The Avengers cemented her place in the hearts of fans.

Blackman starred opposite Sean Connery in the James Bond film installment Goldfinger. Her acting prowess and inspiring attitude towards her craft have earned her a $600,000 net worth which could go far with the help of a financial advisor. Blackman was married twice. She was married to Bill Sankey from 1948 to 1956. After their divorce, she married The English actor Maurice Kaufmann but divorced again in 1971. She did not remarry after the divorce and said she preferred to remain single.


Marcia Clark is a U.S. attorney, author, television journalist, and television program, producer. Clark was admitted to the California bar in 1979. She practiced private practice and worked as a public defender for the city of Los Angeles before making the radical transition to the prosecutor’s office in 1981. She chose to go after her law degree because of the abuse that she had experienced earlier during her childhood years.

The prosecutor became famous for working on the O.J. Simpson murder trial as the head prosecutor. She has made an attempt on a career at acting when she played District Attorney Sidney Barns for a brief moment on the teen thriller show Pretty Little Liars. Clark must probably have some undisclosed skincare practice that has maintained her glow all the way through to today. We would probably be shocked by the cost of her skincare investments.


Grace Jones was born May 19, 1948, in a Spanish town, Jamaica, Jamaican actress, model, singer. She began modeling barely into her teens, eventually gracing the covers of fashion publications like Elle and Vogue. Her modeling career began in New York, but she was too strong for American tastes and turned to Paris, where she became very successful. But her unique appearance and wild style are also sought after by many people, especially homosexuals.

Her film credits are limited, notably 007 and Conan the Destroyer (1984) with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The supermodel’s androgynous figure propelled her career. She tried her hand at music and even put out a few hit singles and albums, landing on the 82nd spot of VH1’s “100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll” list back in 1999 and winning a Q Award in 2008 as a Q Idol. Jones had also been counted in Billboard’s “Most Successful Dance Artists of All Time” list in its magazine.


Loretta Swit was born November 4, 1937, in Pasek, New Jersey, and was an American stage and television actress. Her representative works include The Odd picking, Amorous Crossings, Bait Once, Hawaii Five-O, Love, American Style, Bait Twice, and Three Dead Cows. Her career peaked during the 1970s. The captivating performance of the two-time Emmy award-winning actress in the CBS war series M*A*S*H as the head nurse Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan won her the aforementioned Emmy Awards.

She earned another acting credit from the 1996 adventure film Forest Warrior before taking a break from the public eye, but now she has returned for an acting career in theater, appearing in the stage productions of the musical Mame and the romantic comedy play Amorous Crossing. Swit’s latest performance was in the play Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks.


Kim Basinger, born on December 8, 1953, in the United States, Georgia, Athens, an American actress, model. Kim Basinger has constantly been on the receiving end of cosmetic surgery allegations since she still looks amazing for someone well into her 60s. When she was 17, the actress was a cover model for the men’s magazine Playboy. She started to find success as a model in the 70s before she made the switch over to acting.

Her representative works include Never Say Never Again, 9.5 Weeks, and Fifty Shades Darker. She has gotten credit for her amazing performances in films like the romantic drama From Here to Eternity and the drama Hard Country. Basinger even took home an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her captivating performance in the critically-acclaimed 1997 neo-noir crime film L.A. Confidential where she portrayed the prostitute Lynn Bracken.


Lisa Bonet was born on November 16, 1967, in San Francisco, California in the United States, an American actress, and social activist. Bonet is the daughter of Jewish music teacher Nee Litman and Texas African-American opera singer Allen Bonet. She has several young half-brothers and sisters. Bonet attended Birmingham Middle School in Van Nuys, California. She attended the celluloid actor studio in North Hollywood, where she studied acting.

Bonet played Denise Huxtable on NBC’s “The Cosby Show,” which ran from 1984 to 1992 and was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role. After that, she appeared in the first season (1987–1988) of its spin-off comedy “A Different World”. In 1987, Lisa Bonet married singer Lenny Kravitz and they had a daughter the following year. But the marriage lasted only six years. In 2017, Lisa Bonet married Jason Momoa.


Claudia Wells was born on July 5, 1966, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and grew up in San Francisco. Back in the mid-1980s, she became famous for her role as Marty McFly’s love interest Jennifer Parker in the science fiction movie Back to the Future trilogy. The actress later took a break from her acting career, giving the role of Jenny to rival Elizabeth Sue to care for her mother who at the time had been found to be afflicted with cancer.

We hope that the money and investments she made from her acting career are more than enough to get the best treatment for her sick mother. She resumed her acting profession in 2008 and had even tried her hand in the entrepreneurship world. She opened a boutique in Los Angeles in 1991 and has been doing well ever since, attracting fans and tourists.


Linda Gray was born on September 12, 1940, in Santa Monica, California. She may be nearly eight decades old, but she still continues to radiate with that youthful spirit of hers. The actress owes credit to her healthy way of living for keeping her skin so young-looking throughout all these years, but some people speculate that she may have gone under the knife at some point.

She became popular for portraying J.R. Ewing’s love interest Sue Ellen on the beloved soap opera Dallas. The show also earned her a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series at the 1981 Primetime Emmy Awards. The role also earned her two Golden Globe nominations. The mood and atmosphere of the show became more tense and scandalous when Gray’s character started to fall in love with her husband’s rival cowboy Dusty Farlow.


Jennifer Love Hewitt (born February 21, 1979, in Vico, Texas) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, writer, producer, and television director. Jennifer won in 1989, ten years after “little prince” Texas was digging, then moved to Los Angeles with her mother in drama and singing career. In 1995, she first appeared in the United States as a Sarah FOX radio broadcast popular sitcom “Party of Five” in the second quarter, and within the time from 1995 to 2000 in Five seasons. And so she became known to everyone.

That same year Jennifer signed with Atlantic Records and released her second studio album, Let’s Go Bang, which was not a success. After two album flops, Atlantic Records tore up her recording contract and Jennifer retired from music. In 2005, Jennifer starred in the CBS series Ghost Whisperer as Melinda Gordon, who can communicate with ghosts. Her performance in the series earned her two Saturn Awards for Best Actress in a Drama Series in 2007 and 2008.

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