Sam Elliott | 75

Samuel Pack Elliott was born on August 9, 1944, in Sacramento, California. As a teenager, he first studied English and psychology at the University of Oregon before dropping out after two semesters. After that, he studied at Clark College for two years and starred in the lead role in the play Big Jule, where everyone saw his talent. Elliott returned to Oregon after graduating from Clark, only to drop out again when his father died of a heart attack. His father had always opposed a career in acting, so Elliott worked admirably as an architect while studying to act.

Sam Elliot gained popularity through his trademark appearance and his truly exceptional talent. His most notable movie work includes, A Star is Born, Tombstone, and Road House. He has won several awards, such as the National Board of Review Award, and the Critics’ Choice Television Award. He was also once nominated for the Academy Awards and twice for the Golden Globe Awards, with thanks to his exceptional performances in film. He has also used his voice as an investment in the industry. He is now in his ‘70s but he’s not considering retirement. He still maintains a strong passion for acting.