The Price Tag of Epic Red Carpet Fashion Mistakes

Red carpet events are known for their glitz, glamour, and eye-catching fashion statements. However, sometimes the quest for the perfect look can go awry, leading to some of the most expensive red carpet fails in history. From wardrobe malfunctions to questionable fashion choices, we’ve rounded up some of the most unforgettable fashion missteps that stole the spotlight from the stars themselves.

Following your example, here’s a continuation of the list of expensive red carpet fails:

Demi Moore

Event: 62nd Academy Awards

Year: 1990

Est. Cost: $5,000*

Demi Moore’s outfit at the 1990 Oscars was a DIY disaster. She chose a metallic and black bike shorts ensemble that she co-designed with a friend. The odd combination of fabrics, the unflattering cut, and the sheer randomness of the outfit made it a red carpet fail that is still remembered today.