There is a mystery surrounding Morgan Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee’s separation—26 years after they tied the knot in 1984. Both parties are mum about the reason for their split, but it has never been shy of controversies. When they decided to part ways in 2010, they were in headlines after headlines, and there were a lot of talks about them.

There were rumors about alleged infidelity as well as bad vices on Morgan’s side, and the list went on. Sadly, their relationship seemed to go on a downward spiral when the 83-year-old actor got involved in a serious car crash in 2008. At the time, he was with a mysterious woman, whom some believed was the reason for their split. No one said anything about this lady, but it seemed intriguing that the couple went on their separate ways at the time of the accident. Anyhow, when Morgan and Myrna’s separation went legal, his attorney revealed everyone was glad it’s over.